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March 26, 2001
Volume 79, Number 13

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ACS Board Of Directors
Pavlath Pearce, Busch McClleland
Attila E. Pavlath, president; emeritus lead scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Western Regional Research Center, Albany, Calif.
Eli M. Pearce, president-elect; research professor, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn
Daryle H. Busch, immediate past-president; Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas, Lawrence
Nina I. McClelland, chair of the board; president, Nina I. McClelland, L.L.C., Ann Arbor, Mich.
JKC O'Brien Free Chan
John K Crum, executive director; American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C.
Anne T. O'Brien, director, District I; manager of library services, Wyeth-Ayerst Research, Pearl River, N.Y.
Helen M. Free, director, District II; consultant, Bayer Corp., Elkhart, Ind.
Maureen G. Chan, director, District III; Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, N.J. (retired)
Bursey Pavlath McClleland JKC
Maurice M. Bursey, director, District IV; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (retired)
E. Ann Nalley, director, District V; professor of chemistry, Cameron University, Lawton, Okla.
Glenn A. Crosby, director, District VI; professor of chemistry and materials science, Washington State University, Pullman
James D. Burke, director-at-large; Rohm and Haas, Spring House, Pa. (retired)
Israel McCarty Shields Shoffner
Stanley C. Israel, director-at-large, dean, College of Science, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
C. Gordon McCarty, director-at-large; Bayer Corp., Pittsburgh (retired)
Joan E. Shields, director-at-large; professor of chemistry, C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University, Brookville, N.Y.
James P. Shoffner, director-at-large; AlliedSignal Research Center (retired) and adjunct professor of science at Columbia College, Chicago
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Attila E. Pavlath, ACS President

Nina I. McClelland, ACS Board of Directors, Chair

John K. Crum, ACS Executive Diretor

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