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October 21, 2002
Volume 80, Number 42
CENEAR 80 42 p. 46
ISSN 0009-2347


Chemicals and materials

ADHESIVES Designed for bonding unusual or difficult substrates, moisture-curing polyurethane reactive hot-melt products allow for solid, secure bonds on fabrics, foams, wood, metals, and plastics. Rohm and Haas,

RESINS Solid, thermoplastic ketone-formaldehyde condensates can be utilized in the formulation of nitrocellulose coatings, inks, paints, and paper-coating varnishes; exhibit good intercoat adhesion; and possess melting point ranges from 85 to 120 °C. Dock Resins,

NIOBIUM Offered in small quantities for research and industrial applications, anticorrosive and superconducting metal is available in a variety of forms, including microfoil, foil, sputtering target, wire, insulated wire, rod, tube, powder, lump, sphere, and single crystal. Goodfellow,

ELECTRONICS CLEANING Specially formulated for electronics and semiconductor applications, high-purity cleaning products effectively sequester and remove contaminants and oils without leaving a residue. Transene,

ANTISEIZE Petroleum-grade compound has a temperature range of –54 to 1,315 °C ; is free of sulfur, lead, copper, and other environmentally undesirable metals; is nonsetting; prevents rust; and provides a very low coefficient of friction. Jet Lube,

COLORANTS Designed for industrial tinting, materials are based on a high-performance aldehyde resin system and are compatible with other resin systems including urethanes, epoxies, polyesters, acrylics, vinyls, and nitrocellulose. Eastman Chemical,


Literature and services

WEIGHTS Calibration catalog boasts selection of precision laboratory, precision industrial, cast iron, and specialty weights to ensure accuracy of scales and maintain compliance with calibration programs; comprehensive reference materials, such as glossary of metrological terms and weight cleaning procedures, are also provided. Rice Lake Weighing Systems,

TITRATION Catalog features flash titrator, potentiometric and Karl Fischer moisture titrators, pH and ion-selective electrodes, accessories, and solutions, as well as examples of existing applications and specifications of these products. Thermo Orion,

DRUG DISCOVERY With a focus on amine derivatives, chemical building blocks catalog offers an array of ring system compounds with wide range of structural diversity, providing a rich toolbox for the synthetic organic chemist. Maybridge,

FLUORESCENT PROBES Detailing more than 2,900 products, handbook contains comprehensive technical and application details and includes information on dyes; labeling technologies; antibody conjugates; and proteomics, genomics, and high-throughput screening applications. Molecular Probes,



Instruments and labware

RAMAN ANALYZER For in situ detection of chemical reaction species, system utilizes an integrated 785-nm laser that is transmitted to the sample via a fiber-optic probe and can monitor crystallizations and, in particular, polymorph and solvate formation. Mettler Toledo,

ULTRAFAST SPECTROSCOPY Femtosecond transient absorption spectrometer can be used in many fields, including electron-transfer studies and molecular electronics, and is capable of acquiring a complete wavelength-time-absorbance data file in 30 minutes. Ultrafast Systems,

EXTENSIONAL RHEOMETER For measuring elongational properties of fluids such as polymer solutions, suspensions, melts, adhesives, and emulsions, product analyzes the thinning and breakup of a fluid filament and is ideal for applications related to adhesives, food products, consumer goods, resins, surfactants, and polymers. Thermo Haake,

FILTRATION PROCESSOR Autosampler system utilizes state-of-the-art ultrafiltration cell and is particularly suitable for light- to medium-particle samples such as drinking water, surface water, wastewater, digestion solutions, and extracts. Metrohm-Peak,

GAS ANALYZER Applicable to all IR-active gases and vapors, system is based on FTIR spectroscopy and features stainless steel, long-path gas cells and mirrors, sensitivity at the parts-per-billion range, and a fast response time in seconds for contamination detection. CIC Photonics,


Plant equipment and materials

PUMP/MIXER Developed for viscous materials, open-hopper progressive cavity pump incorporates a high-volume auger and induction chamber and is capable of handling viscosities of up to 700,000 centipoise. Seepex,

PADDLE DRYER Used for indirect heat-transfer applications requiring heating, drying, or cooling, system can be used on slurries, sticky paste, cakes, granules, or powders, and its twin agitator design allows for uniform mixing and high heat-transfer rates. Komline-Sanderson,

SIFTERS Employing four to nine sieve frames in stacked screen configuration and constructed of stainless steel, units offer gentle gyratory motion to reduce product degradation, as well as a pneumatic-sieve compression system to speed access and simplify sanitation and maintenance. Great Western Manufacturing,

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