February 3, 2003
Volume 81, Number 5
CENEAR 81 5 pp. 35
ISSN 0009-2347

2003 ProSpectives Conferences

The 2003 ACS ProSpectives conference series will concentrate on six areas of rapidly changing interdisciplinary research. The sessions will cover process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, polymorphism in crystals, catalysis in modern organic synthesis, ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity) in the 21st century, combinatorial chemistry, and integrating proteomics into system biology.

ACS ProSpectives is a series of small conferences for senior-level industry scientists. Each conference examines a field's important topics through presentations by its foremost researchers. Attendance at the conferences is limited to 200 or fewer to facilitate interaction among the speakers and those attending.

Following are the topics, conference chairs, dates, and locations for the six confirmed 2003 ACS ProSpectives Conferences.

* Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The program will focus on the art of building organic molecules while operating within regulatory constraints. Kumar Gadamasetti, X-Mine Inc., and Mike Martinelli, Eli Lilly, are chairs. The conference is being held at the Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, P.R., Feb. 2–5.

* Polymorphism in Crystals: Fundamentals, Prediction, and Industrial Practice. The state of the art in the often-misunderstood field of crystalline polymorphism will be presented by leading experts in polymorph characterization and prediction, with an emphasis on industrial applications and practice. Chairs are Robin Rogers, University of Alabama; Allan Myerson, Illinois Institute of Technology; Susan Reutzel-Edens, Eli Lilly; and Roger J. Davey, University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology, U.K. The conference will be held at the Saddle Brook Resort in Tampa, Fla., Feb. 23–26.

* Catalysis in Modern Organic Synthesis. Catalytic methodologies for organic synthesis will be presented with a special emphasis on technologies with applications in pharmaceutical science. Chairs are Stephen Buchwald, MIT; Gregory Fu, MIT; and Eric Jacobsen, Harvard University. The conference will be held at the Cambridge Marriott in Cambridge, Mass., March 2–5.

* ADMET in the 21st Century. The conference will be a comprehensive review of technology and strategic applications. The conference chairs are Rod Cole, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and Tim Olah, Bristol-Myers Squibb. The conference will be held in Tampa, Fla., May 4–7.

* Combinatorial Chemistry. The chairs are to be determined. The conference will be held at the Lansdowne Conference Center in Leesburg, Va., Sept. 21–24.

* Integrating Proteomics into System Biology. The conference will be chaired by Ruth Van Bogelen, Pfizer, and Eric Neumann, Beyond Genomics. It will be held at the Lansdowne Conference Center, Leesburg, Va., Nov. 9–12.

Further details about the conferences, including instructions on how to register and arrange lodging, are available online at http://www.acsprospectives.org. This site will be updated regularly with the latest information about upcoming ACS ProSpectives conferences.


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