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February 10, 2003
Volume 81, Number 6
CENEAR 81 6 p. 47
ISSN 0009-2347

2003 ACS Officers Welcomed


On Jan. 21, the American Chemical Society held a reception in Washington, D.C., to introduce its new officers and board members. President Elsa Reichmanis, President-Elect Charles P. Casey, Immediate Past-President Eli M. Pearce, Executive Director John K Crum, Board of Directors Chair Nina I. McClelland, Secretary Flint H. Lewis, and Treasurer Brian A. Bernstein greeted the invited guests as they arrived.

Lewis had the honor of welcoming those in attendance and presenting the 2003 officers. McClelland continued the introductions by recognizing the members of the board of directors present at the event. On behalf of ACS staff members, Crum, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary as executive director, pledged his support to the endeavors of the new officers.

Reichmanis also spoke to the crowd. She acknowledged and thanked her family-- her husband, Frank Purcell; daughter, Elizabeth; and sons, Patrick, Edward, and Thomas--for their support and encouragement. She also extended a warm welcome to the special guests in attendance from ACS's sister societies, government agencies, industry organizations, and the chemical enterprise.


WELL RECEIVED ACS held a reception near its headquarters in Washington, D.C., to introduce its new officers and board members, including Executive Director Crum (from left), President-Elect Casey, President Reichmanis, Immediate Past-President Pearce, and Board of Directors Chair McClelland.


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