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April 21, 2003
Volume 81, Number 16
CENEAR 81 16 p. 60
ISSN 0009-2347

Committee On Ethics Described


A t the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans last month, the Council Policy Committee (CPC) voted to accept the description of an ethics committee as proposed by its ad hoc Task Force on Ethics and to forward the description to the Committee on Committees (ConC) for consideration.

The responsibilities of this proposed committee would include publishing periodic reminders to the membership about ethics; educating working chemists about professional ethics; working with other groups in the society on ethics-related programs; integrating ethics training in chemical education; and providing guidance to ACS members, upon request, on ethics-related matters.

Other groups in the society currently include ethics among their responsibilities. The Committee on Professional Training offers guidance for including ethics in ACS-approved bachelor's degree programs. The Committee on Economics & Professional Affairs has an active Subcommittee on Professional Standards & Ethics, which is responsible for producing the "Professional Employment Guidelines," "Academic Employment Guidelines," and "The Chemist's Code of Conduct." (These publications can be found on the Career Services page online at The editors of ACS journals provide a set of ethical guidelines related to publishing research in ACS journals, as detailed in the "Guidelines for the Publication of Scientific Research."

ConC is expected to review CPC's proposal at the ACS national meeting in New York City and recommend action to council, if appropriate.


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