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February 28, 2011
Volume 89, Number 9
p. 57

ACS Offers Funds For International Research Travel

Steven Meyers

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The ACS Committee on International Activities and the ACS Office of International Activities announce the inaugural call for proposals for the Global Research Experiences, Exchanges & Training Program (GREET). The program aims to support intensive, high-impact international chemistry research experience and collaboration opportunities for U.S. researchers by providing travel awards of up to $10,700 for at least five teams. Travel must start and conclude between mid-June and mid-October 2011.

Unlike other international travel awards of this type, GREET requires that applicants propose new scientific collaborations and that research teams include both an early- to midcareer faculty mentor and a graduate or undergraduate student mentee. The experience is intended to significantly impact the student’s career path and professional development while catalyzing new global collaborations.

Students will spend four to eight weeks engaged in their project at a foreign laboratory, with their faculty mentor participating for a concurrent two- to three-week period. Upon returning to the U.S., team members will serve as ambassadors for global collaboration by engaging the larger community at their home institutions and presenting their results at ACS national meetings.

The first GREET program is open to U.S. teams that have identified a host research institution, laboratory, and project in which they would like to participate. Applications will be evaluated for scientific merit as well as collaborative and community-building value. Visit or e-mail to learn more and obtain an application before the April 10 deadline.

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