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September 12, 2011
Volume 89, Number 37
pp. 31 - 33

ACS Elections: Candidates' Election Statements And Backgrounds

For President-Elect: Marinda Li Wu

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California Section. Science is Fun!, Orinda, Calif.

Academic record: Ohio State University, B.S. cum laude with distinction in chemistry, 1971; University of Illinois, Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry, 1976

Honors: Walter Petersen Award for Outstanding Service, ACS California Section, 2005; ACS Legislative Action Network Honor Roll, 2003; ACS President’s Award for Outstanding Work To Promote the Public Image of Chemistry, 2002; ACS President’s Award for Outstanding Local Section Government Affairs, 2001; ACS President’s Award for Leadership of the California Section as its Centennial Chair, 2001; ACS California Section, Women Chemists Committee, Outstanding Service Award, 2001; National Women’s History Month Woman in Science Invited Lecturer, Women in STEM Center, Middle Tennessee State University, 2011; Award for Contributions to Excellence in Education, Orinda Union School District, 2003; Special Recognition Award, Dow Chemical Central Research, 1989; Chemistry Department Outstanding Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, 1975; National Defense Education Act Predoctoral Fellow, 1971–74; National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellow, 1970–71; Ohio State University Undergraduate Research Fellow, 1969–70; Mirrors Honorary Society, Ohio State University; Iota Sigma Pi, vice president, 1970–71; Phi Lambda Upsilon, vice president, 1970–71; Kappa Kappa Gamma, treasurer, 1968–71, Outstanding Senior Award, 1971, Senior Most Dedicated to Her Field Award, 1971; Phi Beta Kappa, 1971

Professional positions (for past 10 years): Science is Fun!, founder and president, 1993–

Service in ACS national offices: Board of Directors, director-at-large, 2007–11; councilor ex officio, 2007–11; Committee on Grants & Awards, 2007–11, Awards Review Committee, chair, 2008–09, 2011, consultant, 2010, ACS AWARDS Action Group, 2010–11; Committee on Professional & Member Relations, 2007–11; Committee on Public Affairs & Public Relations, 2009; Council Policy Committee (nonvoting), 2003–05; Committee on Chemistry & Public Affairs, committee associate, 2006–09, consultant, 2010–11; Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs, 2001–05, chair, 2003–05, committee associate, 1997–98, consultant, 1999; Committee on Public Relations 1998–99, committee associate, 1997–98; Committee on Local Section Activities, committee associate, 1999–2000; Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs, Employment Services Advisory Board, 1997–99; Committee on Local Section Activities, Task Force on New Awards, chair, 1999–2000; Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs, Task Force on Globalization Issues, 2004–05; Chemistry Enterprise 2015 Governance Advisory Team, 2005

Service in ACS offices: Member of ACS since 1971. California Section: councilor, 1996–2006; chair, 2001; chair-elect and program chair, 2000; Board of Directors, director, 2000–08; Executive Committee, 1994– ; Government Affairs Committee chair, 2006– ; Science Café Program cochair, 2007– ; Awards Committee chair, 2006; Long-Range Planning Committee, 2001–06, chair, 2002; Centennial Celebration Committee chair, 2001; National Historic Chemical Landmark Committee, 2001–02; Nominations & Elections Committee chair, 2002; Local Section Career Program coordinator, 2000– ; Career Assistance & Transition Group, founder and cochair, 2000– ; Public Relations Committee cochair, 1996–2004; National Chemistry Week coordinator, 1996–99; Employment Committee, 1994– ; Women Chemists Committee, 1993– , chair, 1994, cochair, 1999, 1997, 2009. Western Regional Meeting: Women Chemists Symposium chair, 2006

Member: Association for Women in Science; Chinese-American Chemical Society, Board of Directors. ACS Divisions: Business Development & Management, Professional Relations, Small Chemical Businesses

Related activities: California Government & Legislative Affairs (CA-GALA), 2008– ; Chinese-American Chemical Society Communications Advisory Board, 2007– ; ACS Ambassador to Chinese-American Chemical Society, 2007–08; ACS Communications Plan Advisory Group, 2008; ACS Career Workshop, presenter, 2000– ; Local Section Activities Committee, liaison to National Chemistry Week (NCW) Task Force, contributor to NCW Handbook “Guaranteed to Succeed,” 1999–2000; ACS Legislative Action Network, 1999– ; Dow Chemical Co., Dow Plastics, Central Research Laboratory, 1976–92; seven U.S. patents; numerous publications; polymer textbook chapter; keynote speaker



I love our profession and the broad impact we chemists have on improving the quality of life.

No profession has greater impact than CHEMISTRY on health, food, water, energy, the environment, and so much more. There is no society that can have greater impact on our profession than ACS.

But I am also deeply concerned by tough challenges we face:

◾ Record unemployment/underemployment among members

◾ Widespread science illiteracy, declining science and engineering enrollment

◾ Underappreciation of chemistry and persistent misperceptions

◾ Increasing global competition and commoditization of chemical products

This is not a time for prolonged debate but for action. Throughout my life, I have succeeded in turning challenges into opportunities by creatively thinking through problems, building bridges, and getting things done. As ACS president, I will actively lead as a catalyst for positive change and tackle these challenges with vigor and creativity.


Increase Support for Lifelong Career and Professional Development. Layoffs continue. Job security no longer exists. As a longtime ACS Career Workshop presenter, I understand the need to increase career support and develop innovative ways to better equip members for today’s competitive work environment.

I will actively work with leaders from industry, small business, academia, and government to explore supply and demand of jobs and how ACS can better help with retraining and professional growth. Senior chemists offer an untapped resource.

Advocate To Improve the U.S. Job Climate. I have worked for years to increase awareness among legislators and the general public of the importance of science literacy, education, and R&D. Let’s work together now to improve the U.S. business climate and rebuild our jobs base. ACS must partner with other organizations when interacting with federal and state legislators.

To foster new technologies and domestic jobs, we must advocate for tax credits and more competitive trade policies, reduced regulatory and economic barriers, and better intellectual property protection. Our collective advocacy to support jobs creation, research, and education is more critical than ever to reinvigorate our economy and the chemistry enterprise.

Lead and Collaborate Globally. Chemistry is global, and ACS must value the needs of domestic members as a top priority. We cannot stop globalization, but we can engage in more meaningful dialogue with sister societies worldwide to advance chemistry.

My ACS Comments in C&EN “Global Collaboration and Challenges” (Feb. 18, 2008, page 41) and “Chemistry Ambassadors Go Global” (Sept. 13, 2010, page 40) highlight potential opportunities abroad for ACS to leverage and explore. With connections in Asia, Europe, and South America, I will help ACS build stronger beneficial relationships in our international endeavors.

Enhance Communications and Collaborations. ACS possesses an unparalleled ability to enable more cross-fertilization across boundaries—interdisciplinary, international, and between industry, academia, and government. As ACS president, I will promote effective communications and collaborations to successfully address challenges.

Increased efficiency, prudent actions, inclusivity, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and strategic collaborations are critical. I have always served member interests and welcome your input at


Collaboration. I have 40 years of experience in R&D, sales and marketing, and science education—from entrepreneurial endeavors to large chemistry enterprises. Over the past three decades, I forged successful partnerships among business, education, government, and communities. My diverse experiences, multicultural background, and extensive world travels equip me well to help ACS build bridges for strategic collaborations.

Change Agent. I served as a catalyst for positive change even when skeptics said it couldn’t be done. I founded Science is Fun! to inspire enthusiasm for science in young students. I initiated a popular Family Science Night tradition, impacting many thousands of students and families. I launched the Seaborg Tribute, introducing crowds of more than 50,000 at UC Berkeley football games to National Chemistry Week. I organized successful Science Cafés for the general public with standing-room-only crowds, attracting positive media attention.

Extensive ACS Leadership Experience. As chair of the Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs , I sought to improve job and employment services for members. I created the first Task Force on Globalization Issues, involving stakeholders across ACS. As director-at-large, I seek members’ input at regional meetings. I work hard to listen to and address member concerns. See for details on my leadership roles at local, regional, and national levels.


I have not only the energy and determination but the passion, understanding, and leadership experience to represent your interests, build bridges, and help our society turn challenges into opportunities.

As president, I will visit local sections to hear your concerns and suggestions. Together we can make things happen! I pledge to support member needs and serve as an ambassador and catalyst for positive change.

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