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September 12, 2011
Volume 89, Number 37
pp. 35 - 36

ACS Elections: Candidates' Election Statements And Backgrounds

For District VI Director: Bonnie A. Charpentier

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Santa Clara Valley Section. Metabolex Inc., Hayward, Calif.

Academic record: University of Houston, B.A., 1974, Ph.D., 1981

Honors: A. Ottenberg Service Award, ACS Santa Clara Valley Section, 1998; Platinum Award, ACS Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, 1998; Founders Award, Workshop for Teachers, ACS Santa Clara Valley Section, 2006; Mentoring Appreciation Award, Metabolex Inc., 2008; Syntex Corp. Recognition Award: Individual, 1994, Team, 1992; University of Houston Departmental Teaching Award, 1980; National Merit Scholar, 1970–74; Iota Sigma Pi

Professional positions (for past 10 years): Metabolex Inc., vice president, regulatory and quality, 2007– ; Genitope Corp., vice president regulatory, 2001–06; Roche Global Development, vice president and site head, regulatory affairs, 1999–2001

Service in ACS national offices: Board of Directors, chair, 2010–11; District VI, director, 2006–11; councilor ex officio, 2006–11; Committee on Budget & Finance, 2007– , vice chair, 2008; Board Executive Committee, 2007–11, chair, 2010–11; Executive Director Performance Planning & Evaluation Committee, chair, 2010–11; Committee on Public Affairs & Public Relations, 2006–10, chair, 2007–09; Committee on Planning, 2007–11, chair, 2010–11; Board Goals Committee, 2006–08, chair, 2007; Council Policy Committee (voting), 2001–05, vice chair, 2005; Committee on Nominations & Elections, 1995–2000, secretary, 1999–2000, vice chair, 1997; Committee on Grants & Awards, 2006; Committee on Local Section Activities, 1994–95, committee associate, 1993; Board Oversight Committee for Communications Strategic Plan, 2007–08, chair, 2007–08; C&EN Editorial Board, 2010–11; Governing Board for Publishing, 2010–11; Development Advisory Board, 2010–11; Advisory Group for New Ventures, 2010–11; Joint Board-Council Task Force on Governance Review, 2005–07; Board Task Force on Program Review, 2005; Local Section Summit, 2006–07; Regional Meeting Summit, 2007; Committee Structure Summit, 2007; Task Force on Enhancing Communications at Council, 2004; Task Force on Petition for Local Section & Division Support, 2002–03; Task Force on Committee Review, 2002

Service in ACS offices: Member of ACS since 1982. Santa Clara Valley Section: councilor, 1993–2005; Public Relations, chair, 2004–05; chair, 1997; chair-elect, 1996; Long-Range Planning Committee, 2001–03; National Chemistry Week Committee, 1996–05, chair, 1998; Kids & Chemistry, chair, 1996; Volunteers in Public Outreach, coordinator, 1995; KidVention Committee, 1992–2000. Cincinnati Section: chair, 1988–89; chair-elect, 1987–88; Program Committee, chair, 1987–88; vice chair, 1986–87; treasurer, 1985–86; CINTACS, editor, 1984–85; Nominating Committee, chair, 1989–90; Long-Range Planning Committee, chair, 1987–88; trustee, 1989–90. Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry: Flavor Subdivision, chair, 1990; chair-elect, 1989; vice chair, 1988; secretary, 1987

Member: American Women in Science; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists; BioScience Forum, Drug Information Association, Bay Area Compliance Discussion Group, Bay Area Clinical/Regulatory Roundtable. ACS Divisions: Agricultural & Food Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemical Technology, Business Development & Management, Chemistry & the Law, History of Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Small Chemical Businesses

Related activities: Roche Global Development, Regulatory Affairs, director, 1996–99; Syntex Research, Regulatory Program, director, 1993–95, senior manager, 1992–93, manager, 1991–92; symposium organizer for ACS national meetings, multiple divisions; founder of “Teach the Teachers” workshop, Santa Clara Valley Section; cofounder and developer of Student Interview Workshop, joint project of Santa Clara Valley Section, California Section, and AIChE; Advisory Board for NSF project, “Chemistry, a Pipeline to 21st Century Careers,” at Canada College, 2008–10; cofounder of “Chemists in the Community,” San Francisco national meeting, 2006; Instructor for “Tech Trek,” Stanford University, with the American Association of University Women, to encourage young women in science, 2008– ; presenter at the Sally Ride Festival, Stanford University; presenter at “Science Night,” California and Santa Clara Valley Sections; ACS Younger Chemists Committee Chemical Career Insights Program (Roadshow), speaker, 1985–86; Procter & Gamble Co., group leader, 1981–90, Analytical Symposium Committee, chair, 1984; Chemistry Merit Badge Instructor for Boy Scouts; presenter at national meeting symposia (Division of Chemistry & the Law and Career Services) on careers for chemists outside the laboratory; Trainer for Kids & Chemistry volunteers; Mentor for Mentium 100 Program; coeditor of two books: “Polymeric Delivery Systems, ACS Symposium Series 520,” 1993; “Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Chromatography, ACS Symposium Series 366,” 1988


Thank you for allowing me to serve as your district director. I greatly appreciate the opportunities I’ve had, including serving as chair of the ACS Board, and, in particular, the chance to meet and work with so many amazing volunteers. I am acutely aware of areas where changes in the world have increased challenges for our profession. I have the energy and passion to continue and would appreciate your support to complete my service on the board.

When previously asking for your vote, I outlined where I believed positive change was needed for ACS. To be accountable to you, this statement highlights some accomplishments during my time on the board and areas needing more work:

Financial responsibility. A primary duty of the board is to ensure the fiscal health of ACS. During the recent financial downturn, the board worked closely with staff to manage our finances, including making difficult decisions with regard to cuts. I am proud to say that, in every decision, member needs were a primary consideration. Our decisions were facilitated because we had previously done serious contingency planning. This year, we continued the theme, holding a financial planning conference to plan for future challenges and opportunities.

Chemistry jobs. Chemistry employment is one of the most urgent issues for our members. ACS has strong, and evolving, programs for career development, leadership, job search, and interview skills. Our additional focus must be advocacy for chemistry jobs in this country and new ways of encouraging job growth and entrepreneurship. This is one of the most exciting areas we are addressing. My experience in leadership in large and small companies, including working with venture capitalists, is useful in these efforts.

Focus on members/Diversity and inclusion. ACS must consider the needs of all of our members and involve members with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. I am happy to have been involved in establishing the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group for ACS and to have participated in several programs to encourage women and minorities in science. I have also worked to strengthen collaborations with NOBCChE, SACNAS, and other partners.

Transparency/Communication. As ACS Board chair, I have pushed to share information with members concerning important ACS issues. I believe the board must ensure openness and that all decisions must seek and include appropriate input. As a board member, my participation in leadership conferences, all regional meetings in our district, local section meetings, and other meetings has allowed me to talk with many members. I am grateful for the input many of you have provided and have benefited from your questions and suggestions. Good communication is also aided by effective electronic tools, and I am pleased to note the growth of webinars and electronic dissemination of meeting content in ACS.

Advocacy for education. Science education is crucial for the future of our profession, country, and world. My board service has allowed me to directly support science education through many venues: advocacy for science with legislators at the national and state levels, including the establishment of state government affairs committees that are now expanding throughout the country; establishment of workshops for teachers; support of the Scholars Program; and establishment of an award for two-year college chemistry teaching.

Outreach. Improving the public perception of chemistry and outreach to the public is a passion most of us share. I’m delighted to have influenced the return of the Sparkle Workshop for local section public relations volunteers and the growth of the Chemistry Ambassadors program. We must continue to grow our signature outreach programs such as NCW, and find new ways to support and recognize members’ efforts.


It is a great honor to serve as your district director and as chair of the board. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this extraordinary district and ACS. My board service has been both challenging and fulfilling. It has required that I call on all of my previous experience, both academic and industrial, and in particular, my management experience in organizing projects and overseeing budgets. I have enjoyed working with my governance colleagues in improving and streamlining ACS processes, decision making, and communications. The most fun part of this job is interacting with members to hear their ideas and being able to take action in response.

I would welcome the opportunity to continue working with you to improve our society and to continue to bring to every decision the perspective that the members of the society are ACS. I ask for your vote to finish my allowed time on the board and to continue positive change.

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