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April 19, 2008
Volume 86, Number 20
pp. 48-49

Finding Jobs In Biopharma

Book is a guide to myriad pathways in the biotech industry for all players

Reviewed by Kenneth J. Barr

In the preface to "Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug DevelopmentCareer Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development," author Toby Freedman states that her intention is to "assist talented people in their search for satisfying employment in the life sciences industry" and suggests that the book is designed to serve as a resource for the transition from academics into industry. She is president of Synapsis Search in Portola Valley, Calif., and an executive search recruiter.

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development, by Toby Freedman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press,
2008, 409 pages,
$59 hardcover (ISBN: 978–087969725–9)

Without question, the newly published career guidebook accomplishes this goal. However, to dismiss the book as a resource specifically for so limited a target audience would be a disservice not only to novice professionals already at work within the biopharmaceutical industry but also to established professionals in the field.

Even curious individuals not contemplating a career transition will find Freedman's text an interesting exploration of the biopharmaceutical industry and will, in fact, come away with a surprisingly rich understanding of "where drugs come from."