December 22, 2003
Volume 81, Number 51
CENEAR 81 51 pp. 39-50

ISSN 0009-2347


Key advances were reported this year across a broad span of chemistry subdisciplines, ranging from carbohydrate chemistry to surface science


A steady stream of news on the latest chemical research developments flows by us with dizzying speed all year, every year. In C&EN's annual Chemistry Highlights, we recall some of the impressive advances we've reported on during the year.

In selecting developments to be included in this year-end review, we look for studies that have an identifiably superlative quality or element of uniqueness--such as the first time something was done, an order-of-magnitude improvement, or a capability that was just not possible before.

Our list is meant to be representative, not comprehensive. So we're by no means implying that it's not important if it's not here.

Our hope is merely that our selections, when considered as a whole, help provide greater perspective on the enormous scientific and technical strides--and consequent benefits to society--made by the chemistry research enterprise each and every year.


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