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September 3, 2007
Volume 85, Number 36
p. 61

Roads Less Taken

Corinne Marasco

This year's education supplement sheds some light on the corners of education that haven't gotten much notice. It's a reminder that the highways we travel in life are rarely straight, and there's always something to be learned from trips along the back, side, and dirt roads.

Faith Hayden/C&EN

First, Senior Correspondent Stu Borman introduces readers to fellows—faculty-like investigators who do independent research at academic institutions. It's a career option that is more common in biology, but does exist in chemistry. Fellowships are an opportunity to conduct productive research and have rewarding career experiences that aren't tied to a tenure-track position.

Next is a story about high school teachers who are using new tools such as podcasts, movies, electronic whiteboards, and online discussions in the classroom to enrich the learning experience for their students. Associate Web Content Editor Noah Shussett talks with teachers who have integrated technology into their curriculum in meaningful ways.

There are many wrong assumptions made about community colleges—for example, that they are primarily for students who can't succeed at a four-year institution and that the quality of the affordable education they offer is low. Assistant Editor Faith Hayden reports that the truth about community colleges flies in the face of these stereotypes. They are now attracting those who fit the typical four-year university profile and some offer their students solid science programs.

Finally, I ask former members of U.S. Chemistry Olympiad teams about their experiences and how their career decisions after the International Chemistry Olympiad were influenced as a result. Although only some of the students pursued a career in chemistry, all of them regarded the competition as a valuable and confidence-boosting experience.

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