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May 29, 1995

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Guiding principles, management codes are central to Responsible Care program

Ten guiding principles that companies pledge to follow:

Six management practice codes to foster improvement contain 106 performance goals

Community Awareness & Emergency Response

Approved: Nov. 6, 1989

Goal: Ensure emergency preparedness and foster community right-to-know. Code stresses dialogue and interaction with many audiences and mandates establishment of facility outreach programs.

Pollution Prevention

Approved: April 6, 1990 (waste and release practices); Sept. 5, 1991 (waste management practices)

Goal: Promote efforts to protect the environment by generating less waste and reducing emissions. Code stresses continuous reductions in amount of waste generated; responsible management of any remaining wastes and releases.

Process Safety

Approved: Sept. 10, 1990

Goal: Prevent fires, explosions, and accidental chemical releases. Codes point out opportunities in process design, plant operation, and routine maintenance for improved safety performance.


Approved: Nov. 5, 1990

Goal: Reduce risk to public carriers, customers, contractors, employees, and environment posed by transportation and storage of chemicals. Code covers all modes of transportation of all chemicals, including chemical waste.

Employee Health & Safety

Approved: Jan. 14, 1992

Goal: Protect and promote health and safety of employees or people visiting company sites. Code offers a framework for identifying, assessing, and communicating hazards, as well as preventing unsafe acts and conditions.

Product Stewardship

Approved: April 16, 1992

Goal: Promote safe handling of chemicals from initial manufacture to distribution, sale, and ultimate disposal. Code is designed to make health, safety, and environmental protection integral parts of designing, producing, marketing, distributing, using, recycling, and disposing of chemical products.

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