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November 13, 1995

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'Best-of-the-Web' list underscores growth in chemical sites


Perhaps it is a sign of growth in any field when "Best of ..." lists begin to appear. That happened recently for the chemical domain on the World Wide Web. The selections took the form of a poster at a session held last August during the national meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago. The poster session was part of a symposium on "Chemistry on the Infobahn," sponsored by the Division of Computers in Chemistry.

"Chemistry on the Internet: The Best of the Web 1995" was the work of Steven M. Bachrach, an associate professor of chemistry at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb; Thomas H. Pierce, a computational chemist at Rohm and Haas, Philadelphia; and Henry S. Rzepa, a reader in organic chemistry at Imperial College, London. Each has been exploring the Internet's implications for chemistry for at least several years.

The three chemists stress that the 1995 list is based on their own judgments and does not involve their organizations. However, they hope to make the list an annual event featuring user-selected chemical Internet services introduced during the year preceding the list's publication. To that end, they are soliciting votes from the chemical community. A voting form (as well as the 1995 listing) can be found at the web address http:// The authors also have ideas for an "Editor's Choice" selection as well.

As the trio stated in its poster presentation, "In compiling this selection, we have focused on the work of key individuals who we believe have shown a vision of the future in creating innovative and original chemistry Internet resources for us all."

The following list has been slightly modified by C&EN from the original, partly for clarity and partly to reflect changes or deletions at a few of the sites since the list was first compiled. In general, the site entries include the title of the page for the site, with the citation by the compilers in parentheses.

Virtual Chemistry Library at the University of California, Los Angeles (Max Kopelevich's original global collection)

ChemDex List at the University of Sheffield, England (Mark Winter's global collection) chem/chemistry-www-sites.html

Internet Chemistry Resources (Gary Wiggins and Joseph Warden's collection of chemistry resources)

Australian Chemistry Network (Alan Arnold's collection of chemistry resources)

Overview of Chemistry Mailing Lists (Kris Boulez's collection of e-mail lists)

Yahoo Collection of Chemical Pointers (an edited collection of chemistry highlights)

ChemEd: Chemistry Education Resources (Alan Cairns' collection)

Chemical Engineering Virtual Library (Dale Kirmse's collection of chemical engineering resources)

NIH GenoBase Database Gateway (Ron Taylor and Adam Ginsburg's molecular biology collection)

Poly-Links (index of polymer and plastics resources from World Wide WebLabs)


Chemical MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Project and Discussions (chemical Internet standards project by Peter Murray-Rust, Henry Rzepa, and Ben Whitaker)


2-D to 3-D Coordinate Conversions (Project CORINA)

SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins (Alexey G. Murzin, Steven E. Brenner, Tim J. P. Hubbard, and Cyrus Chothia's protein exploratorium)

KLOTHO: Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database (Toni Kazic's innovative work on web-based databases)

The Principles of Protein Structure (groundbreaking courseware edited by Peter Murray-Rust and Alan Mills)

Molecular Hyperglossary (Peter Murray-Rust and Christopher J. Leach's hyperlinked database concept)

Molecular Modeling and Protein Database (pdb) Search (Peter Fitzgerald's" Molecules R Us" service) pdb_at_a_glance.html

Gaussian Basis Set Library from Environmental and Molecular Sciences Laboratory (Karen Schuchardt and David Feller's basis set database)

WebSpirs (a web interface to a major database collection)

AMBER Home Page (Thomas Cheatham and Bill Ross's information pages for Amber-assisted model building with energy refinement)>

Biosym/MSI Life Sciences (help for Quanta users)

Fullerene Database and Information /

Nanotechnology on the WWW (Sean Morgan's nanotechnology archives)

Computer Simulation of Condensed Phases (M. Leslie's project pages for CCP5, a collaborative computational project)

Fisher Scientific's Internet Catalog (on-line chemical catalog information)

University of Texas Medical Branch NMR Center (Bruce Luxon's links to NMR on the Internet)

WebElements Periodic Table (Mark Winter's project, operating since 1993)

Chemists Address/Phone Book (Steven Bachrach's global directory of chemists)

Academic Chemistry Employment Clearinghouse (Steven Bachrach's global project for chemists)

Instability Dynamics of Fracture (multimedia reprint from IBM Almaden Research Center by Farid F. Abraham, Dominique Brodbeck, R. A. Rafey, and W. E. Rudge)


Second Electronic Computational Chemistry Conference - ECCC2 (second in series of web-based computational chemistry conferences, edited by Steven Bachrach)

Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry - ECTOC-1 (first web-based organic chemistry conference, edited by Henry Rzepa)

Ohio Supercomputer Center home page; Computational Chemistry List archive (Jan Labanowski's preeminent chemical discussion forum)

NMR '95 Poster Session (June 12 - 16) (Barry J. Hardy's NMR posters)

First Electronic Glycoscience Conference - EGC-1 (Sept. 18 - Oct. 13) (a globally edited glycoscience collaboratory) l


Virtual Reality Modeling Language (Omer Casher's pioneering work in chemistry)

Representation of Molecular Models and Rendering Techniques (François Savary's visual guide)

The NIH Molecular Modeling Home Page (high-quality modeling archive)

Chemistry at the Center for Scientific Computing (Finland) and Chemist's Art Gallery (Leif Laaksonen's pioneering work in chemical art)

Hyperactive Molecules (Benjamin Whitaker, who had the first operating chemistry web server in December 1992, and Henry Rzepa's hyperactive chemistry)

MDL Information System's ISIS/Draw offer (a personal Macintosh/Windows chemical drawing package)

RasMol (Roger Sayle's free PC/Macintosh/Unix viewer) ttp://

XMol information (X-Window viewing program from the Minnesota Supercomputer Center)


GC/MS of Jamaican Coffee and Pimento (Robert Lancashire's project at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica)

Multimedia Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego (Kent Wilson's physical chemistry course)

Chemistry Hypermedia Project at Virginia Tech (Brian Tissue's teaching collection)

Global Instructional Chemistry (Henry Rzepa's collection of teaching materials)


Journal of Molecular Modeling (edited by Tim Clark)

Elsevier WWW Publications (including Stephen R. Heller's Trends in Analytical Chemistry TrAC/Internet Column)

Network Science

Journal of Biological Chemistry

Protein Science, a publication of the Protein Society

Journal of Chemical Physics (JCP Express) http://jcp.uchicago.edui



Chemical Abstracts Service

Royal Society of Chemistry

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