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December 18, 1995

The Publishing Paradox

December 11, 1995

World Chemical Outlook

December 4, 1995

Galileo And Its Atmospheric Probe Rendezvous With Jupiter

November 27, 1995

Climate Observations Substantiate Global Warming Models

November 13, 1995

Chemistry Sites Proliferate On The Internet's World Wide Web

October 30, 1995

EPA at 25 - How close to the goal?

October 23, 1995

1996 Employment Outlook

September 25, 1995

Paints & Coatings

European Chemical Society Aims To Represent Chemists, Promote Chemistry

September 11, 1995

Metallocene Catalysts Initiate New Era In Polymer Synthesis

August 28, 1995

Facts & Figures for Chemical R&D

August 21, 1995

Organic Chemistry Conference on Internet Sets New Pace

ECTOC-1 Stems from Electronic Library Project

August 7, 1995

Chemists' Job Market Still Weak But Those Employed Post Solid Pay Gains

July 24, 1995

Technology and Terrorism

Government, Industry Efforts Yield Array of Tools to Combat Terrorism

How One Chemist's Outrage Sparked a Counterterrorism Invention

July 17, 1995

Alamogordo Recalled

Chemists Reminisce on 50th Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb

May 29, 1995


Responsible Care: Chemical Makers Still Counting on It To Improve Image

Guiding Principles, Management Codes Are Central to Responsible Care Program

Long_term Members of Chemical Manufacturers Association's Public Advisory Panel Critically Assess Responsible Care

Chemist preaches and Practices Community Outreach

May 8, 1995

The Top 100 Chemical Producers in the U.S.

Chemical Productivity Rose Again in 1994

Aerosol Producers Enjoy Banner Year

Top 100 Chemical Producers: Table 1

Top 100 Chemical Producers: Table 2

March 27, 1995


Catch us on the web

The Revolution Comes To The Chemical Community

Chemical Research Faces Opportunities, Challenges From Information Tools

Information revolution calls for changes in behavior

Free Internet access offered at ACS meeting

Supercomputers: Bringing megabytes to the masses

Electronic Publishing Increasingly Offered As Alternative To Print Medium

Process Simulation Seen As Pivotal In Corporate Information Flow

Simulators seek a broader community of users

n-Dimensional modeling manages corporate information

Institute confronts process data exchange predicament

Chemical Companies Discover A Weapon For Globalization And Reengineering

Billboards on the information superhighway

DuPont spins a legal information web

Policy Issues Permeate Efforts To Create Information Infrastructure

NSF's computer guru, Paul Young, discusses information revolution

The Internet: Networks joined together

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