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July 1, 2010

Introducing The Environmental SCENE

Today C&EN launches a stream of news articles about environmental research, business, and policy

Lila Guterman and Michael Torrice

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Latest News

October 28, 2011

Speedy Homemade-Explosive Detector

Forensic Chemistry: A new method could increase the number of explosives detected by airport screeners.

Solar Panel Makers Cry Foul

Trade: U.S. companies complain of market dumping by China.

Novartis To Cut 2,000 Jobs

Layoffs follow similar moves by Amgen, AstraZeneca.

Nations Break Impasse On Waste

Environment: Ban to halt export of hazardous waste to developing world.

New Leader For Lawrence Livermore

Penrose (Parney) Albright will direct DOE national lab.

Hair Reveals Source Of People's Exposure To Mercury

Toxic Exposure: Mercury isotopes in human hair illuminate dietary and industrial sources.

Why The Long Fat?

Cancer Biochemistry: Mass spectrometry follows the metabolism of very long fatty acids in cancer cells.

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Welcome to the Environmental SCENE! Starting today, you can stay up to date on environmental topics, such as climate change, pollution, toxic substances, energy, and sustainability, by following C&EN's first topical news channel.

Here you'll find stories from C&EN's pages that report on what's happening at EPA, on the latest from the Gulf oil spill, and on the status of climate-change legislation.

The Environmental SCENE also includes stories that can't be found in the print magazine. These articles describe new environmental research, such as calculations of methylmercury pollution's health costs, the discovery that biodiesel may corrode pipelines and storage tanks, and findings that pharmaceuticals escape from drugmakers' plants into U.S. streams.

To browse through the stories, check out the Environmental SCENE archive or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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