Hazard in hydrosilylation of D4Vi with D4H

Frank D. Mendicino; Curtis L. Schilling
OSi Specialties, Sistersville, W. Va.

Chemical & Engineering News (12 Sep 1994) Vol. 72, No. 37, pp. 2.

We have read with interest the safety notification by DuPont and GE researchers [Potential hazard in hydrosilylation of D4Vi with D4H (C&EN, April 25, page 4)], and wish to comment that uncontrolled exotherms or explosions have been observed with vinylic silanes or siloxanes as the sole reactant. For example, thermal exposure of commercially available vinyl silanes in closed containers to about 200 C has been noted to cause extremely rapid pressure increases to greater than 500 psig.

Thus, any chemistry involving significant concentrations of vinyl silicon compounds, that also involves elevated temperatures, as may occur during exothermic reactions, should be performed using the precautions recommended.

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