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November 3, 2003
Volume 81, Number 44
CENEAR 81 44
ISSN 0009-2347

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry

Chemicals and material

POLYPROPYLENE WAX Licocene waxes are the first to be made using metallocene catalysis. The new wax types can be made with properties tailored to a particular application. They also improve the dispersion of pigments in polypropylene, even for Yellow 155 and Red 48:2. Clariant,

BIOCIDE Fungitrol 720, an iodopropynylbutylcarbamate-based biocide, provides effective fungicidal protection to decorative coating surfaces without adding carcinogenic and ozone-forming volatile organic compounds to the environment. It is compatible with a variety of paint formulations, and, compared with conventional products, it exhibits less discoloration of dry paint films or liquid paint. International Specialty Products,

CORROSION TREATMENT Biodegradable VpCI-629 is designed for oil wells and pipelines and requires no special treatment for waste disposal. The formulation's corrosion inhibitors protect equipment in the liquid phase, interphase, and vapor phase. It works effectively at low dosages in water, brine, and crude mixtures. Cortec,


Literature and services

IMMUNOLOGY AND CANCER RESEARCH Catalog and handbook provides information on more than 1,000 innovative immunology, apoptosis, inflammation, multidrug resistance, and cancer research products. Also includes general technical information, detailed product specifications, and literature references. Alexis Biochemicals,

GFS Chemicals Inc.
PERCHLORATES, PERCHLORIC ACID TEXT A. A. Schilt's text, "Perchloric Acid & Perchlorates" is a resource for technical and safety information. This new edition provides a critical examination of perchlorate toxicology and information on how regulatory and public policy guidelines are determined. Also includes hundreds of new literature references. GFS Chemicals Inc.,

STANDARD REFERENCE MATERIALS This catalog from the National Institute of Standards & Technology features more than 1,300 reference materials of the highest quality and metrological value. These standards are currently available for use in industrial materials production and analysis, environmental analysis, health measurements, and basic measurements in science and metrology. NIST,


Instruments and labware

MOSAIC CAMERA The 900 Series mosaic camera features a low-temperature, multi-CCD design and can accept nine or 16 scientific CCDs in a single camera head. An optional array of fiber-optic tapers can be coupled to the CCDs to allow virtually seamless imaging of areas up to 325 mm2. Cooling the CCDs to below -100 ¯C practically eliminates dark current. Spectral Instruments,

PARALLEL SYNTHESIS SYSTEM The Heidolph Synthesis 1 enables researchers to perform highly sophisticated reactions, such as moisture and oxygen separation or precisely controlled low-temperature applications. It was designed specifically for combinatorial synthesis, for drug research, and for studying and optimizing chemical reactions and new catalysts. LabPlant,

SUPERCRITICAL FLUID PROCESSING SYSTEM The SFT-150 performs extractions and runs reactions in supercritical fluid media. Whether used for repetitive extractions or process development and optimization, the machine offers the flexibility and safety features of many higher priced instruments. A modular design makes it easy to alter the unit's basic configuration so it can adapt to meet new or evolving application needs. Supercritical Fluid Technologies,


Plant materials and equipment

HAZARDOUS GAS DETECTION Monitor hazardous gas detection programs from anywhere using the Sentry WebServer for ambient air monitoring. A browser-based graphical user interface is accessible from any PC via Microsoft Explorer. Sierra Monitor Corp.,

POWER MIXING The ShockWave Power Generator uses controlled cavitation to heat liquids without scaling and to mix gases and liquids, liquids and liquids, and solids and liquids. The versatile system can handle even the most difficult mixing applications. Hydro Dynamics,

DRYING SYSTEM The Macrowave drying system employs volumetric heating to keep temperature uniform throughout temperature-sensitive materials, to reduce moisture content to as low as 200 ppm, and to eliminate long dwell times. Requiring as little as one-fifth the floor space of conventional dryers, the Macrowave can reduce labor and energy costs by up to 60%. Radio Frequency,

Radio Frequency

New Products is complied by Bethany Halford, who can be reached at


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