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  Science & Technology  
  January 17, 2005
Volume 83, Number 3
Online Exclusive



Chemicals and materials

PERMEATION TUBES Inert capsules contain a pure compound in two-phase equilibrium. At a constant temperature, the capsule emits the compound through its permeable portion at a constant rate, thereby generating test atmospheres for calibrating gas analyzer systems, testing hazardous gas alarms, or conducting long-term studies on materials or biological systems. VICI Metronics, http://www.vicimetronics.com

PLATE MAGNETS Permanent plate magnets provide economical solutions to problems associated with fine iron and tramp iron contamination in processing lines. Available in five field strengths; the most powerful can create a deep magnetic field that will penetrate up to five inches into a material. Eriez Magnetics, http://www.eriez.com

Literature and services

FINE CHEMICALS Brochure discusses expanded manufacturing, custom synthesis, and customer service capabilities from production to delivery. In addition to nearly 30,000 products stocked in sample sizes, distribution centers hold more than 5,000 products in bulk or semibulk stock. Alfa Aesar, http://www.alfa.com

TECHNOLOGY MAPPING Service helps companies in the sensor, measurement, and instrumentation markets evaluate technology investment and development decisions. Sira Technology, http://www.sira.co.uk

POLYMERS Full-color, four-page brochure highlights uses of available specialty polymers, which improve the appearance, performance, and cost of personal care, household, floor finishing, automobile, and carpet cleaning products. This publication highlights three general markets: surface care, consumer specialties, and industrial specialties. Interpolymer Corp., http://www.interpolymer.com

Instruments and labware

VORTEX MIXERS Mini-mixers can be used with test tubes, flasks, beakers, and a range of small containers. A one-touch unit has a fixed speed of 3,200 rpm, while variable-speed units can be used at 100 to 3,200 rpm in continuous or touch-mode operation. Multitube units can vortex up to 50 tubes or three microassay plates. Thomas Scientific, http://www.thomassci.com

AUDITOR Device determines the fill volume of multiwell plates or sample tubes. Noninvasive technique allows examination of lidded or sealed vessels with no risk of contamination or damage to valuable compound libraries. Labcyte Inc., http://www.labcyte.com

8303prod_Centri.tifcxdCENTRIFUGAL FILTER Device concentrates and desalts large samples faster than traditional dialysis or stirred-cell methods. Typical concentration factors are between 50x and 200x, and typical sample recoveries are greater than 90%. Dead-stop feature prevents samples from spinning to dryness. Millipore Corp., http://www.millipore.com

HPLC DETECTOR Charged-aerosol detector provides consistently high sensitivity and low limits of detection. True universal detector can effectively analyze diverse chemical structures and classes. ESA Inc., http://esainc.com

CRYOREPLICATOR Spring-loaded device permits the simultaneous and reproducible sampling of frozen microbial stocks in 96-well microtiter plates. Sandwich covers convert all 96 wells into "minireactors." Cross-contamination and evaporation risks are minimized. BioPro International Inc., http://www.biopro.com

HYDROGEN GENERATOR Gas generators eliminate the need for expensive and potentially dangerous high-pressure gas cylinders. Six models provide flow rates ranging from 90 cm3 per minute to 1,200 cm3 per minute at pressures ranging from 0 to 100 pounds per square inch of gauge. Hydrogen is produced through the electrolytic dissociation of water via a proton-exchange membrane. Parker Hannifin Corp., http://www.parker.com

Plant materials and equipment

RELATIVE VISCOMETER Device analyzes dilute polymer solutions for relative, intrinsic, inherent, specific, and absolute viscosity, as well as molecular weight. Unit can be connected to an autosampler system and other automation devices. It provides faster analysis and over 50% solvent savings compared with traditional methods. Viscotek, http://www.viscotek.com

INLET TRAP Vacuum-pump trap can be customized to protect pumps used in a wide range of highly corrosive processes. Three-stage stainless steel device has a knockdown stage for collecting heavy solids, optional cooling coils, and two stages of cartridge-style filter elements. Mass-Vac Inc., http://www.massvac.com

PULSED-FLAME PHOTOMETRIC DETECTORPULSED-FLAME PHOTOMETRIC DETECTOR is optimized for the selective detection of sulfur and phosphorus compounds as well as 28 specific elements. Features include dual-channel analog output, self-cleaning design, and gated electronics. O. I. Analytical, http://www.oico.com

EVAPORATORS Available with built-to-order specifications, 20-L explosion-proof units are easy to set up and use. An optional automatic distillation apparatus is available for 24-hour production-scale work. Brinkmann Instruments Inc., http://www.brinkmann.com

GAS ANALYZER System provides real-time, multicomponent, extractive gas-phase analysis. Unit includes a spectrometer, gas cell(s), a sample manifold, valve-control electronics, and software. Custom gas cells are corrosion resistant and available in a wide range of path lengths. System can operate at temperatures up to 240 °C. MIDAC, http://www.midac.com

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock , who can be reached at m_braddock@acs.org.

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