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November 5, 2001
Volume 79, Number 45
CENEAR 79 45 p. 41
ISSN 0009-2347
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Chemicals and materials

POLYOL For use in coatings and spray elastomer applications, trifunctional primary amine has a nominal molecular weight, light color, low viscosity, and low vapor pressure. Arch Chemicals, http://www.archchemicals.com

ADDITIVE For use in commercial and industrial architectural coatings, ambient-curable fluoropolymer resin has wide color and gloss ranges and is resistant to weather and corrosion. Daikin America, http://www.daikin.cc

DISPERSIONS Waterborne polyurethanes for coatings applications demonstrate abrasion and chemical resistance, hydrolytic stability, and flexibility. Mace Co., http://www.maceco.com

PRESERVATIVE Designed to control bacteria and fungi in packaging, solvent-free benzisothiazolin compound is water soluble and is EPA- and FDA-approved for use in adhesives, paper, paperboard, polymers, and rubber goods. Troy Corp., http://www.troycorp.com

RESINS Designed for "soft touch" overmolding applications, thermoplastic polyurethane compounds bond to a variety of thermoplastic substrates and demonstrate a range of hardness levels. Bayer Corp., http://www.bayerplastics.com


Literature and services

Diversified Brands
REAGENTS CD-ROM catalog features complete product range of inorganic and organic chemicals, pure metals, elements, alloys, and materials; catalog also includes molecular structure and substructure search functions and a material safety data sheet library. Alfa Aesar, http://www.alfa.com

COLUMNS Buyer's guide describes line of Zebron gas chromatography products that demonstrate minimal bleed, good peak shape, and high efficiency even at high temperatures. Phenomenex, http://www.phenomenex.com

LAB COOLING Catalog highlights versatility and affordability of refrigerators and freezers for general purpose, explosion-proof, and flammable material storage as well as for chromatography applications. Revco Technologies Co., http://www.revco-sci.com

COATINGS Catalog features line of paints, lubricants, caulks and sealants, specialty chemicals, and more; also included is a color selection guide for more than 350 different industrial paint colors. Diversified Brands, http://www.krylonindustrial.com



Instruments and labware

GAS CHROMATOGRAPH For analysis of trace sulfur compounds in both gaseous and liquified petroleum gases, automated system is useful for applications in the beverage and petrochemical industries. OI Analytical, http://www.oico.com

THERMAL ANALYSIS Instrument for studying the heat stability of DNA and proteins features excellent temperature accuracy and precision; can handle multiple samples. Varian, http://www.varianinc.com

ABSORBANCE READER For drug discovery and life sciences research, microplate detection system features 384-well format capability for high-throughput and reduced reagent use. Molecular Devices, http://www.moleculardevices.com

ELUENT SELECTOR Instrument can select from three mobile phases to create step gradients for analysis of mixtures of analytes with very different retention behaviors in a single run. Metrohm-Peak, http://www.metrohm-peak.com

CONCENTRATION ANALYSIS For applications in drug development, manufacturing quality control, and in-process control, instrument features real-time data analysis and software for assay development. Biacore, http://www.biacore.com

HPLC COLUMNS Product line features hydrophobic phenyl packing to give stability from pH 2 to pH 12 as well as improved peak shape and column lifetime when compared with traditional silica-based products. Waters Corp., http://www.waters.com

 LASER For particle image velocimetry applications, instrument uses Nd:YAG source to produce 120-millijoule pulses at 532 nm and a repetition rate of 15 Hz; ideal for large-area water- and air-flow analysis applications. New Wave Research, http://www.new-wave.com



Plant equipment and materials

A.B. Ph. Nederman & Co.
BELT REPAIR Ready-to-use kit can be used to quickly make permanent emergency repairs to damaged conveyer belts, rubber rollers, and other rubber or elastomeric components. Devcon, http://www.devcon.com

RHEOMETER For assessing flowability and processibility of powders, instrument provides flow rate and compaction indices for small samples (10–300 mL). Freeman Technology, http://www.freemantech.co.uk

MOISTURE REMOVER For drying of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical products as fine as 2 mm, instrument eliminates carryover product losses by capturing 100% of entrained product and returning the fine material to the fluid bed for processing. Witte Co., http://www.witte.com

DUST FILTER Explosion-proof unit is designed for use in places where material such as aluminum, magnesium, or organic dust could cause an explosion. A.B. Ph. Nederman & Co., http://www.nederman.com

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