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December 17, 2001
Volume 79, Number 51
CENEAR 79 51 p. 15
ISSN 0009-2347
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Board chooses new secretary, funds projects focusing on diversity


At its meeting in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 9, the ACS Board of Directors named society officers, elected chairs of several committees, passed the budget for 2002, and gave the green light to several new society projects.

7951mcclelland 7951flint
McClelland Lewis
ACS Board, 2002


Nina I. McClelland, director-at-largea
Eli M. Pearce, presidenta
Elsa Reichmanis, president-electa
Attila E. Pavlath, immediate past-presidenta
John K Crum, executive directora
Anne T. O'Brien, District I
Diane Grob Schmidt, District II
Maureen G. Chan, District III
Paul R. Jones, District IV
E. Ann Nalley, District Va
Glenn A. Crosby, District VI
James D. Burkea,b
Stanley C. Israel
C. Gordon McCarty
Joan E. Shieldsa
James P. Shoffner
a Executive committee member. b Two-year term on executive committee.
The board will be led for the second year in a row by Nina I. McClelland, president of Nina I. McClelland LLC. The board elected James D. Burke, Rohm and Haas (retired), to the board executive committee for a two-year term and E. Ann Nalley, Cameron University, Lawton, Okla., for a one-year term. Others on the executive committee include the members of the ACS presidential succession; Joan E. Shields, Long Island University; and ACS Executive Director John K Crum.

The board selected Flint H. Lewis as the secretary-designate of ACS. Lewis, an attorney, has been with ACS for five years, serving most recently as assistant secretary. He will succeed Halley A. Merrell Jr., who is retiring effective Jan. 1, 2002. Lewis will be secretary of the board of directors and the council and will facilitate governance activities.

ACS officials face several challenges in 2002 and beyond. ACS anticipates ending 2001 with a net deficit of $1.6 million in its core programs. With the inclusion of expenses from the Member Insurance Program and various board appropriations, the society's overall operations are projected to end the year with a net deficit of $9.5 million.

That's some $2.1 million more than had been budgeted. The shortfall is the result of unfavorable performances of the society's investments and a significant downturn in advertising revenues, only partially offset by the favorable performance of Chemical Abstracts Service. Keeping current conditions in mind, the board approved a 2002 proposed budget that would result in a net projected deficit of $2.0 million.

Despite the tight financial outlook, the board reviewed eight requests for new and expanded funding in the 2002 budget. The board approved six requests for programs mostly aimed at increasing the diversity of the chemical enterprise and recognizing its underrepresented contributors.

The board approved $200,000 for the Progress Project. This three-year pilot project aims to develop, test, and evaluate programs to facilitate the full professional participation and advancement of women chemists and chemical engineers. The board also allocated $14,000 to the Women Chemists Committee to help with its 75th anniversary celebration in 2002.

Also receiving board approval was an allocation of $102,000 toward the Percy Julian Biography Project for the NOVA series on public television. Julian (1899– 1975) was an African American chemist who synthesized physostigmine, a drug to treat glaucoma, and cortisone, among other notable accomplishments. The board also approved funding of $33,000 for the Younger Chemists Committee development workshops and leadership awards.

Upon request of the National Research Council's Board on Chemical Sciences & Technology, the ACS Board approved funding of $50,000 to support a series a workshops that are part of the Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century project.

The sum of $100,000 was allocated to begin exploring the appropriate role for ACS in the area of standards and conformity.

The Committee on Budget & Finance voted to recommend and the board approved an advance member registration fee of $265 for national meetings held in 2002.

McClelland announced the 2002 chairs of society and board standing committees: Burke, Budget & Finance; Daryle H. Busch, University of Kansas, Education; Glenn A. Crosby, Washington State University (retired), Grants & Awards; Nalley, Professional & Member Relations; Maureen G. Chan, AT&T Labs (retired), Public Affairs & Public Relations; Robert L. Soulen, Southwest Texas State University (retired), Audits; Helen M. Free, Bayer Corp., Progress Advisory Board.

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