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Meeting 235: April 6-10, 2008, New Orleans, LA

Excellence in Graduate Polymer Science Research

Tandem RAFT polymerization and click chemistry for surface modification
R. Ranjan, W. Brittain
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (152 K)

Synthesis and characterization of bulk self-cleaning polymers
J. Howarter, J. Youngblood
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (43 K)

Predictive control of average molar mass and composition distributions for free radical polymerization via online monitoring
T. Kreft, G. González García, A. Alb, J. de la Cal, J. Asua, W. Reed
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (1100 K)

Design of multi-functional drug delivery platforms via combinatorial synthesis
D. Mullen, I. Majoros, X. Cheng, J. Baker, B. Orr, M. Banaszak Holl
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (51 K)

Synthetic modification of reactive soybean oils for use as biobased thermoset resins in structural natural fibre composites
K. Adekunle, M. Skrifvars, D. Akesson
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (31 K)

Lanthanide-containing polymers as nucleic acid delivery vectors
J. Bryson, K. Fichter, T. Reineke
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (68 K)

Photocross-linkable polymers for electro-optic applications
B. Long, B. Keitz, R. Webb, C. Willson
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (323 K)

Photophysical properties of poly(arylether) dendrimers with electroactive peripheral groups
R. Ponnapati, J. Park, J. Vargas, R. Advincula
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (93 K)

Inorganic-organic composites from the inside out
R. Rovira-Truitt, J. White
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (372 K)

Application of polyaniline nanofibers and nanocomposites
C. Baker, R. Kaner
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (21 K)

Rheological behavior of laponite-montmorillonite hybrid dispersions containing poly(ethylene oxide)
E. Stefanescu, I. Negulescu, W. Daly, G. Schmidt
(Symposium Proceeding)
PDF  (86 K)

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