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General Information

FAQ #1 What are “Proceedings” (preprints)?

FAQ #2 Are Proceedings peer-reviewed?

FAQ #3 In what electronic format are the ACS Division Proceedings Online presented?

FAQ #4 Is there also a print or CD-ROM version available?

FAQ #5 When will new volumes be published? How many will be published each year?

FAQ #6 How long will this content stay online?

FAQ #7 How can I submit a paper for consideration for publication in the Proceedings?


Subscription Information

FAQ #8 Can Individuals subscribe to the ACS Division Proceedings Online?

FAQ #9 Can individuals recommend ACS Division Proceedings Online to their librarian?

FAQ #10 Is the cost of the ACS Division Proceedings Online prorated if a library subscribes mid-year?

FAQ #11 What does a subscription to ACS Division Proceedings Online include?

FAQ #12 Do I have to pay every year for access, or just once?

FAQ #13 What happens to my access if I cancel my subscription?

FAQ #14 Will a CD-ROM of the proceedings be available upon cancellation?

FAQ #15 Do I need to sign a license?

FAQ #16 Are there ISBNs for the individual collections?

FAQ #17 Who can I contact for more information?


Permitted Use

FAQ #18 Can users make copies of individual Proceedings?

FAQ #19 Can I use copies of articles for electronic ILL?

FAQ #20 What if I'm having technical problems with the ACS Division Proceedings Online?


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