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January 2001
VOL. 31, NO. 1

Energy in the 21st centurySTARTING THE PROCESS
Energy in the 21st century
Improvements in the worldwide standard of living mean higher energy consumption. How will this be accomplished in the face of shortages and environmental demands?
Nai Y. Chen

Tri-reforming: A new process for reducing CO2 emissions
Tri-reforming: A new process for reducing CO2 emissions
Researchers at Penn State have developed a new process for the effective conversion and use of carbon dioxide in flue gas from power plants.
Chunshan Song

Exploiting entropy to separate alkane isomers
Molecular packing efficiencies and preferential adsorption can separate branched and straight-chain alkanes.
Rajamani Krishna, Berend Smit

From conductive polymers to organic metalsFrom conductive polymers to organic metals
Organic metals were a euphoric dream in the 1980s and a disappointment in the 1990s. Now they are moving to the marketplace.
Bernhard Wessling

Gaseous acid catalysis: An intriguing new processGaseous acid catalysis: An intriguing new process
Our furfural expert is back and offers you what he calls “a story against all odds”.
Karl J. Zeitsch

Chemist at Large (editorial) Chemist at Large
Leading the Way
Leading the Way
Nanostructured chemicals: A new era in chemical technology
Joseph D. Lichtenhan, Joseph J. Schwab, William A. Reinerth, Sr.
Heart Cut Heart Cut
Patent Watch
Chemscripts Chemscripts
Silver removal and recovery from effluent streams
Volker G. Aurich, Joep I. A. Koene
Postscript Postscript
Science ethics debate continues
Nancy K. McGuire
Viewpoint Viewpoint
From genetic data to medicine: The promising paradigm?
Marc C. Fitzgerald
Legal Insights Legal Insights
New challenge for patent attorneys
Samuel P. Burkholder
Touring the Net Touring the Net
Fueling it like it is!
Marc C. Fitzgerald
The Industrial Chymist The Industrial Chymist
Read this . . . please
Ben Luberoff
The Last Word The Last Word
Birthday gifts for your favorite chemist
David Birkett

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