December 2001
Vol. 31, No. 12
Heart Cut

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Heart Cut

Ideas from the science, technical, and business literature

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New Home for Heart Cut
Although this is the last issue of Chemical Innovation, the Heart Cut and Patent Watch departments will live on in another "location". Beginning in early 2002, new items will appear weekly on the Web at ACS's portal, Many of the current contributors will continue to summarize the chemical literature for you.

Organic chemistry
Use a tin-zeolite solid catalyst to convert ketones into esters and lactones
Polyoxometallates have been gaining acceptance in organic synthesis
Prepare 1,2-diamines by a titanocene-catalyzed amide coupling
Convert silyl and tetrahydropyranyl ethers selectively into the corresponding acetates

Inorganic chemistry
Mesoporous aluminosilicates with unique physical and chemical properties are exceptionally stable
Inorganic nanowires can be produced inside a liquid crystal template

Physical chemistry and electronics
This phenylenevinylene oligomer produces luminescence within a sol–gel matrix
Use polycyclic arene esters to produce luminescence in almost any visible color
Doping titanium dioxide with nitrogen atoms produces a photocatalyst activated by visible light

Analytical chemistry and metrics
New liquid crystalline sensors provide an easy way to determine exposure to analytes
Chemical reactions buried at interfaces can be monitored nondestructively

Biotechnology and life sciences
These biocompatible copolymers are readily obtained by atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP)
Industrial-scale, genomics-based drug design will play a major role in pharmaceutical research
Cyclopentenone prostaglandins protect against HIV virus in vitro and against influenza A virus in vivo
Computer-guided design permits the synthesis of a precisely structured glucopyranose receptor

Phthalocyanine (PC) cores with poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) peripheral oligomers have novel properties
Could this be an industrial application for new carbon nanofilaments?
Phospholipids can self-assemble into both nanotubes and twisted ribbons

This fluorine-containing titanium complex promotes living polymerization of olefins
A large-scale route to enantiomerically pure cetirizine uses preparative chiral HPLC

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