December 2001
Vol. 31, No. 12, pp 53–55.
Patent Watch

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Elizabeth G. Burns
Laura Deakin
Jeffrey S. Plotkin

New Home for Patent Watch
Although this is the last issue of Chemical Innovation, the Heart Cut and Patent Watch departments will live on in another "location". Beginning in early 2002, new items will appear weekly on the Web at ACS's portal, Many of the current contributors will continue to summarize the chemical literature for you.
Patent Watch items appear in the same order as the print version.  You may choose to browse or read selected items as listed below.

Side-chain crystalline acrylates are used to encapsulate active chemical species

Here is a method to dimerize α-olefins selctively to linear internal olefins

A versatile, compact, inexpensive optical amplification device

This coproduct-free route to phenol depends on economical on-purpose production of nitrous oxide

Phenol production using direct hydroxylation of benzene with air has long been a goal of industry

A zwitterionic monomer for acrylic polymerization is produced using a multistep synthesis

1,3-Propanediol (PDO) is a newly commercialized monomer

Patent Watch Contributors

(EGB) Elizabeth G. Burns, Raffi and Swanson, 100 Eames St., Wilmington, MA 01887-3389;

(LD) Laura Deakin, 9825 92nd Ave., Edmonton, AB T6E 2V4, Canada;

(JSP) Jeffrey S. Plotkin, Chem Systems/IBM, 44 S. Broadway, 5th Floor, White Plains, NY 10601-4425;

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