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March 2002
Vol. 5, No. 3, pp 51–52.
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Large-volume circulator. This extra-low-temperature circulating water bath offers 900 W of cooling at 20 °C. The large-volume 13-L reservoir and extended temperature range of –45 to 200 °C make the unit ideal for use with combinatorial chemistry, sample incubation, parallel chemical synthesis, process development, and optimization.
PolyScience 150

Scaffold. This 3-D mineralized calcium phosphate bioceramic is ideal for in vitro and in vivo analyses of bone metabolism. Data indicate that this scaffold is suitable for in vivo analyses of cartilage regeneration. The 3-D structure mimics the in vivo environment to induce tissue repair.
BD Biosciences 151

cell washerCell washer. The Sorvall Cellwasher 2 (CW2) features an 80-s wash cycle. Full system capabilities span Rh testing, ABO compatibility, and cross matching. The 12-place rotor accepts 10 x 75-mm and 12 x 75-mm tubes. This compact and portable unit allows users to automate up to four wash cycles or select manual operation.
Kendro 152

Particles. Macroporous copolymer particles represent the rapidly growing use of scavenger resins for solution-phase synthesis in drug discovery. The resins combine rigidity, solvent compatibility, and low-swell characteristics with a high surface area.
Polymer Laboratories 153

microplatesMicroplates. These 96-well LumaPlate microplates are scintillator-coated and are ideal for counting isotopic samples without the need to add LSC cocktail. Two product versions are available: the shallow-well LumaPlate-96, which has a 100-µL maximum volume, and the deep-well Luma Plate-96, which has a 350-µL maximum volume suitable for almost all samples.
Packard BioScience 154

Pipetting head. This 96/384-channel pipettor has a capacity of 1–30 µL and delivers precise liquid transfers for the automation of higher-density assay formats and plate replication methods. The 384-channel pipetting head is intended for use with the Multimek liquid handler. The head uses positive displacement pipetting technology and highly precise tips.
Beckman Coulter 155

Open platform system. The cDNA Express Kit is used for the capture of mRNA and the synthesis and amplification of cDNA. The kit uses exogenous primers and lends itself to applications such as real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Gene expression analysis can be performed on as little as one cell using PCR amplification.
RNAture 156

Imaging system. The VersaDoc offers flat fielding technology for UV and white light illumination, which eliminates non uniformities caused by variations in the optical path. This instrument has CV less than or equal to 5% and captures high-resolution digital images from single and multicolor fluorescence, chemiluminescence, chemifluorescence, and colorimetric samples.
Bio Rad 157

Array. The Pan Human 10K is the first component of the Human 30K microarray set, which will represent 30,000 of the genes currently identified in humans. The Pan Human 10K represents the first 10,000 genes, selected from the group of 13,000 human genes whose function could already be determined.
MWG Inc. Biotech 158

Imaging workstation. This unit is controlled through software that offers analytical imaging capabilities and has additional upgrade modules available. Optical trapping and laser-assisted microdissection applications are accessible with multidimensional image deconvolution and data management, image capture, ratio imaging, and time-lapse analysis. The workstation is designed for research applications in proteomics, genomics, molecular profiling, stem cell research, cell interactions, and animal cloning.
Cell Robotics 159

valvesValves. MW-type multiposition valves offer a variety of flow configurations, port and fitting sizes, and actuation options. The preload design allows the rotor to be inspected or replaced without removing the valve from the actuator. Valves are available with 4–16 positions and in 5 configurations, ranging from simple stream selection to more complicated trapping functions.
Valco Instruments 160

Storage and dispensing. This tool provides a method of preparing a representative sample library for an assay run that is quick, accurate, and reliable. The tool stores concentrated samples in 100% DMSO in sealed reservoirs, each with a dedicated dispensing tap. Samples are never exposed to air, moisture, or light. The risk of cross-contamination and the need for cleaning or disposing of pipet tips are eliminated.
dissolution tester
Smart Plate 161

Dissolution tester. This device provides flexibility while delivering reliable results in an efficient, productive, and cost-effective manner. It is easily integrated with other instruments geared to the life sciences market.
Varian 162

Reagents. Ready-to-use PK RBC reagents improve turnaround time by reducing preparation in the laboratory. They are packaged in 55-mL vials and are standardized for lot-to-lot consistency.
Olympus 163

Sample bands. Each band represents an exact amount of dsDNA and is supplied in ready-to-use form, 10 µL/lane (830 ng of DNA). It is also supplied with a 5x sample-loading buffer. The band contains an additional corresponding band at 1.5 kb and provides quantification of dsDNA on gels. Each set contains 10 bands, ranging from 10,090 to 48,500 bp. Pulse field inversion electrophoresis is recommended for superior resolution of fragments from 29,950 to 48,500 bp.
Midwest Scientific 164

Reagents. Therapeutic drug monitoring and drugs of abuse reagents are available in ready-to-use liquid formulations and feature a 60- to 90-day on-board stability with 14-day calibration stability. The reagents are bar-coded and enable automated on-board reagent management.
Olympus 165

Software. AlphaEase FC, version 3.0, provides innovative features for automated image acquisition and analysis of fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and colorimetric gels, films, membranes, microarrays, and microplates.
Alpha Innotech 166

Moisture analyzer. The Vapor Pro Rx is designed for lyophilized pharmaceutical vials. It measures moisture levels in sealed lyophilized pharmaceutical vials down to 100 ppm on samples ranging from 10 mg to 20 g. Results are achieved in as little as 3 min and can be displayed as percent moisture, parts per million moisture, or micrograms of water.
Arizona Instrument 167

Protein sequence analysis. PepTool 2.0 is available as desktop software compatible with a variety of operating systems. It offers hundreds of user-requested enhancements and many new features, including remote database searching capabilities with BLAST and ENTREZ servers on NCBI and PIR; an improved Multiple Alignment Editor based on the FAST-LSA alignment algorithm, which can handle extremely large protein alignment projects; peptide digest analysis; and a posttranslational modification tool.
Bio Tools 168

DNA detection. This kit provides fast, accurate, and highly reproducible quantitative detection of human CMV or EBV DNA extraction from whole blood. Using PCR methodology, Eclipse DNA detection kits exploit competitive PCR amplification and hybridization of target DNA.
Biotest Diagnostics 169

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