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April 2002
Vol. 5, No. 4, pp 58–60.
new product notes
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cell washerAnalyzer. The 400 ES On-line Pharma TOC Analyzer incorporates the latest advancements in TOC technology, including ozonated water compatibility, improved analytical performance, and advanced software features for compliance support of 21 CFR Part 11. The 400 ES offers significant enhancements over its 400 predecessor while continuing to provide compliance with USP chapter 643 and EP chapter 2.2.44 for TOC measurement.
Ionics 150

Literature. This publication describes the V.I.P. Series –86 °C ultralow-temperature freezers. Vacuum insulation panel technology increases effective freezer storage capacity by up to 30% in the same footprint, maximizing the use of laboratory floor space.
Sanyo Electric Biomedical 151

Software. Easy-to-integrate Data Mining Components are statistical and artificial intelligence software components developed for mining massive datasets. Reliable and accurate algorithms for each stage of the modeling can process data preparation, data transformation, and model building. Application developers can use these components in their own designs with standard development tools.

Purification system. This compact, automated system offers high-productivity isocratic separations with a footprint of 32 × 41 cm for operation in chemical hoods and with limited space. Applications include purification of organic compounds for drug discovery, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, natural products, polymers, and catalysts.
Isco 153

Commercial services. Genome Vision Services offers an industrial-scale facility and high-quality, cost-effective contract research. The company provides a comprehensive suite of genomics-based services to satisfy various research needs.
Genome Therapeutics 154

pumpPump. The MZ2C oil-free diaphragm pump quietly provides 9 mbar of vacuum with a flow rate of 1.2 cfm. Applications include rotary evaporation and gel drying. The pump operates without lubrication fluids to eliminate handling and disposal of contaminated chemical–lubricant mixtures. It also has corrosion-resistant PTFE flow paths.
BrandTech Scientific 155

color digital cameraColor digital camera. The DC 500 acquires ultrahigh-resolution images in excess of 12 megapixels at a stunning 12 bits per color. The camera’s integrated cooling system and heat-dissipating metallic casing allow users to acquire images with enhanced dynamic range and reduced signal-to-noise. The camera has a 6-min exposure time, which allows the most challenging low-light images to be captured.
Leica 156

synthesis systemSynthesis system. The Discovery System for Focused Microwave Synthesis improves yields and increases reaction rates 10–1000 times, completing reactions in minutes that previously took hours or days. The self-tuning circular cavity allows microwaves multiple entry points, which ensures that the sample always receives the optimum amount of energy to complete the designated reaction parameters.
CEM 157

Rotors. Swinging-bucket centrifuge rotors provide high throughput and high capacity for DNA sample preparation. The JS-5.3 four-place rotor processes up to 24 microplates at 6130 g. The rotors are ideal for plasmid purification, dye terminator removal, ethanol precipitation, cell culture pelleting, cell fractionation, and protein precipitation.
Beckman Coulter 158

Automation system. The acCellerator automates the production of adherent cell lines for high-throughput screening. The system interfaces with newly designed, automation-friendly T225cm cell culture flasks and comprises laboratory instruments, three industrial robots, and new-generation dispensing equipment, all housed in a custom-designed Class II cabinet.
RTS Thurnall, AstraZeneca, Essen Instruments, and Corning Inc. 159

evaporation systemEvaporation system. The R4 Random Access provides efficient solvent evaporation from purified sample fractions. An autobalancing mechanism continuously compensates for up to 250 g of rotor imbalance during the drying process to ensure smooth operation. The sample rotor, constructed from solid aluminum, is controlled by the Rotorguard infrared temperature controller to ensure rapid evaporation of samples without the risk of overheating fast-drying fractions.
Genevac 160

microarray scannerMicroarray scanner. The arrayWoRx provides image interpretation with up stream analysis, with the addition of Tracker software. The software is available in the arrayWoRx Advanced Edition. Integrated upstream analysis gives researchers immediate access to information on the microarray’s chemical history, which enables them to interpret experimental results.
Applied Precision 161

Analyzer. The LS 13 320 meets or exceeds new ISO standards for particle sizing, providing complete audit trails for each step. The instrument is also CFR Part 11 compliant for pharmaceutical applications. The LS 13 320’s new Auto-Dock mechanism facilitates the changing of sample modules, automatically removing the current module and positioning the new one in a few seconds. Auto-Dock recognizes which module is docked and configures the systems accordingly. Switching between dry and wet analysis also takes a few seconds.
Beckman Coulter 162

softwareSoftware. ActivityBase 5.0 fully integrates chemical and biological data management. It covers the complete range of research requirements, from structure registration to HTS to dose response and behavioral studies. In addition to flexibility enhancements, the modules include Structure Base, a fully integrated chemical compound registration solution; ReactionBase, an e-notebook style application for storing, managing, and searching reactions and reaction schemes; Natural Products, a module for managing the process of finding and isolating an active compound from a natural organism; and the SARgen suite of products.
ID Business Solution 163

Labchip kit. The RNA 6000 Nano Lab Chip kit is used for the automated quality control of total and messenger RNA (mRNA). It is designed for use with the Agilent 2100 bioanalyzer. The kit now contains a lower marker, which allows for sample alignment and permits easy comparison of samples, enabling researchers to distinguish different types of mRNA based on the electrophoretic traces. The kit provides enhanced RNA quantitation simultaneous with the assessment of RNA quality. Researchers can often forego UV or ribogreen measurements and get both quality control and a good concentration measurement in one analysis.
Agilent 164

Reaction mix. BioMix Red is premixed and easy to use. It is supplied as a 2X reaction mix and contains a preoptimized amount of Taq polymerase, dNTPs, reaction buffer, and MgCl. BioMix Red also contains a nontoxic, nonhazardous red dye so users can ensure that proper mixing is achieved. An additive is included to increase product yield. BioMix Red shortens the time needed to set up reactions and minimizes the number of pipetting steps, ensuring greater reproducibility and reducing the risk of contamination. It is ideal for all applications, especially those requiring greater reproducibility and yield.
Midwest Scientific 165

plate readerPlate reader. The Affinity Reader provides superior sensitivity, precision, and throughput for 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates for fluorescence polarization, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence resonance energy transfer, and luminescence drug screening. Users can choose from four popular fluorescence detection modes. Improved sensitivity and precision offer the possibility of assay incubation at Kd for a range of assays, greatly reducing typical reagent concentrations and cost.
CRI 166

valveValve. The two-way extended performance solenoid valve (EPSV) handles higher temperatures and pressures while minimizing out-gassing. Weighing less than 6 g and measuring just 1.3 in. long × 0.250 in. in diameter, EPSV valves can operate under highly demanding conditions. The valves feature spike-and-hold operation, which allows them to be actuated at their rated voltage and held open at a lower voltage, saving power and reducing heating.
The Lee Co. 167

Technical note. This publication explains how Chromeleon chromatography management software helps ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. The 16-page document is richly illustrated with 28 color screen images.
Dionex 168

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