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October 2003 From Concept to Development
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Volume 6, Issue 10
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The puzzle of the proteome (175 KB)
by Randall C. Willis
In proteomics, the primary experimental paradigm remains 2-D gel electrophoresis (2-DE) followed by in-gel protein digestion with a protease such as trypsin, and the analysis of the resulting peptides using one of the many flavors of MS. Academic and corporate scientists have expended much energy in the pursuit of methods that simplify or minimize the steps between gel and MS sample plate, all the while trying to maximize the yield of both peptide and information.

The Puzzle of the proteome

Therapeutic antibodies (133 KB)
by Bjorn Cochlovius, Michael Braunagel,
and Martin Welschof
Hybridoma-derived monoclonal antibodies have long been used as diagnostic and research reagents, as well as therapeutic drugs. More recent developments to generate predominantly or completely human antibodies by using transgenic mouse systems and phage or phagemid display are the new driving force behind the fast-paced expansion of antibody product pipelines.

Therapeutic antibodies

Maryland: “Free State” or Bio State? (111 KB)
by Felicia M. Willis
Maryland has the third-largest number of biotechnology companies in the United States, and it ranks second in the number of biotechnology companies per capita. In addition to hundreds of bio companies, high-quality universities have played a critical role in sustaining the growth of this bioscience community.

Maryland: 'Free State' or Bio State?


Content in Context
Consumer Rx? (32 KB)
by James F. Ryan

News in BriefNews in Brief (320 KB)
RNA—totally, tubular • Lytic peptides and cancer • Antibody Pool-EASE! • Biologics: Generically speaking • START in CA • Self-indicating synthesis • A web of health • Liver toxicity attention

The Time Line
The French connection (66 KB)
by Richard A. Pizzi
In the 19th century, Claude Bernard put physiology and medicinal chemistry on the road to experimental science.

Applications NoteBook
Measuring modifications (121 KB)
by Randall C. Willis
Researchers are using MS to study proteins and how they interact with their environment.

The Business Page
The Executive Interview
(54 KB)
Frank Laukien, President and CEO, Bruker BioSciences Corp.: “Analytical sciences have always been a part of my life.”
Interviewed by James F. Ryan
and Kimberly S. Cleaves


Altering the calcium landscapeThe Tool Box
Altering the calcium landscape
(100 KB)
by Michael Tarquini
Changes in calcium carbonate production methods are making everything old, new again.

Rules and Regulators
Talking pharmacogenomics
(77 KB)
by David Filmore
The FDA hopes to encourage the development of genomic-based clinical trials through open dialogue with industry.

The Word Puzzle
Pot(ions)pourri (37 KB)
Solution (html)
by Mark S. Lesney

On the Calendar
Chips to Hits heads to Boston
(61 KB)
The premier microarray conference has a new format.

Product Info Now (html)

Diseases and Disorder
(56 KB)
by Julia Belcher