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August 2004 From Concept to Development
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Product Info Now: August 2004

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Clinical proteomics platform

The ClinProt product line runs on the Ultraflex TOF/TOF mass spectrometer (above) for the drug discovery researcher. ClinProt ID capability combines magnetic bead separation and AnchorChip sample concentration technology for biomarker identification either by MALDI-TOF/TOF analysis directly, in the case of peptide biomarkers, or by enzymatic digestion followed by MALDI-TOF/TOF analysis, in the case of protein biomarkers. ClinProt ID allows a clear scientific understanding of putative biomarkers, in order to assess their potential biological and medical relevance.

The ClinProt magnetic bead product line has been expanded significantly to include not only various hydrophobic bead types but also weak anion exchange (WAX) beads, weak cation exchange (WCX) beads, and immobilized metal affinity capture (IMAC) beads with both copper and iron variants. ClinProt magnetic bead arrays have large surface areas and are scalable and reproducible.

MagAB nanoparticles allow researchers to attach antibodies, antibody fragments, peptides, DNA, or ligands to magnetic bead surfaces. MagAB beads are useful for researchers looking for specific proteins or binding partners, for biologically selective and very sensitive specific clinical assays. MagAB beads are also useful as a more generally applicable tool for research and discovery in interaction proteomics.

The ClinProt 3D research platform uses high-resolution HPLC followed by high-mass-accuracy MS, typically using ESI-TOF or even ESI-FTMS, for the measurement of potentially thousands of molecules in human body fluids or tissues.

Bruker Daltonics -


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STAR system and LabX softwareSoftware.

The STARe system and LabX provide complete user management with user rights, electronic record capture, electronic signature, audit trails, and much more to track system utilization. STARe supports thermal analysis; the LabX Software Solution for titrators and balances can be implemented as a stand-alone application or in a networked deployment.
Mettler Toledo -

Ablation system.

The LSX-3000 Laser Ablation System is available in a 213-nm-only option. Users can add 193 nm or 266 nm to the system at any time for much less than the cost of stand-alone single-wavelength units. Using a Nd:YAG laser head, this system delivers energies greater than 12 mJ to the sample, ablating even the most difficult materials. Stability is measured from spot to spot at a pulse width of <6 ns, and spot sizes range from 10 to 500 µm.
CETAC Technologies -

Mass spectrometer.

The ultrOTOF-Q, an orthogonal time-of-flight (OTOF) mass spectrometer, features improved MS/MS sensitivity and sequence coverage for proteomics experiments. A linear ion trap collision cell enhances its duty cycle. The co-linear TOF design of the ultrOTOF-Q enables mass resolution of greater than 20k in normal mode, and resolution of greater than 40k in MultiPass mode.
Bruker Daltonics -


The SonicMan, a high-throughput sonication system for dissolution of compounds, provides a platform for resuspending compounds stored as solutes dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide and stored from 4 to –80 °C in 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates.
MatriCal -


PVA Interactive offers three-dimensional modeling and animation services to aid in the visual description of life science processes and applications. High-resolution images can be stock or custom-designed and can be used on the Web, in all presentation software including PowerPoint, as trade show graphics, and in plasma screen presentations.
PVA Interactive -

Western blot.

The Universal His Tag Western Blot Kit is designed for specific, sensitive detection of any histidine-tagged protein and does not require any antibodies. The detection method combines high affinity with specificity for His tags—including 6xHis, Histidine Affinity Tag (HAT), and the 6xHN tag. The kit allows detection of as little as 1.0 ng of purified protein. Chemiluminescent detection reagents provide luminescent properties that yield sensitive results with low background.
BD Biosciences -

Stereoscope automation.

Based on proven servomotor technology, the SZ-2000 automates stereoscopic microscopes. The unit can automate focus, zoom, and filter controls and can even incorporate a motorized XY stage. Precision gearing provides smooth operation, while DC servomotors use built-in rotary encoders for error-free positioning. Optional foot-switches permit hands-free operation of any axis, with increment and continuous-motion modes.
Applied Scientific Instrumentation -

CEQ 8800 SoftwareSoftware.

CEQ 8800 Software v.9 provides tools for genetic data analysis. The software simplifies the interpretation of genotype and phenotype information for subsequent association and linkage studies, and provides tools to view, edit, and print pedigrees as well as to create subgroups for downstream analysis. The program reduces the time required to manage, mine, query, and format data, and includes visualization and graphics functions that allow interactive exploration and enhanced interpretation of data sets.
Beckman Coulter -


Büchi Syncore systems for parallel synthesis, evaporation, and sample concentration run 4 to 96 samples simultaneously with volumes of up to 1000 mL. An adjustable vortex and mixing speed eliminate bumping and foaming, and ensure a complete reaction even in volatile solvents.
Brinkmann -


NucleoSpin 96 and NucleoSpin 8 Tissue Kits, for purification of genomic DNA from a variety of tissue sources, are designed for rapid processing of a variable number of samples without the necessity of phenol-chloroform extractions. The NucleoSpin Tissue Kits process samples in multiples of 8 or in 96-column plates for high-throughput environments. The columns contain silica membranes designed to ensure a high DNA binding capacity. The resulting DNA preparation is suitable for PCR, Southern blotting, or any enzymatic reaction.
BD Biosciences -

Sample preparation.

BioSprint workstations and kits provide sample preparation for a range of applications. Using magnetic-particle technology, the workstations automate the simultaneous preparation of up to 15 or 96 samples. The kit enables purification of genomic DNA from cells, tissue, and blood. The BioSprint 15 and the BioSprint 96 are available for processing 1–15 and 1–96 samples per run, respectively. The workstations transfer magnetic particles instead of liquids, use minimal amounts of reagents, have a small footprint, and are easy to install.
Qiagen -

Protease Assay Reagents and Kits brochureBrochure.

The Protease Assay Reagents and Kits brochure features a general overview of protease analysis and over 150 products for protease studies. These products include reagents and kits for analyzing caspases, MMPs, secretases, and CMV/HIV/HCV proteases, as well as generic proteases.
AnaSpec -


VITIC 2.0, a toxicity database, has been extended to include 59,800 genetic toxicity in vitro data records for 2130 chemicals, 156 hepatotoxicity data records for 41 chemicals, 2700 skin sensitization data records for 830 chemicals, and 126 HERG data records for 79 chemicals. The database is structure-searchable and includes data mining to determine structure–activity relationships.
LHASA Limited -

Cell growth.

Cultrex 3-D Culture Matrix RGF BME provides the foundation for cells to grow in three dimensions, allowing the formation of structures in vitro. Growth factors are reduced, and the standard concentration of the material is approximately 14 mg/mL. Each lot of this material is then incorporated in a three-dimensional culture test to validate efficacy.
Trevigen -


THEQ LifeCycler allows for individual PCR workload definition with efficient centralized operation. Features include a 5.7-in. full-color display, Programming Wizard interface programming, one-click conversion from standard protocol to gradient protocol, and virtual networking that allows programming at desktop, laptop, or bench, plus program transfer via USB stick. The system is available in three block styles: 96- and 384-well PCR plates and 0.2- and 0.5-µL individual tubes
MWG Biotech -


The Lauda ECO series of circulators for refrigerating and heating comes standard with a PID temperature controller, which saves energy by compensating for temperature drifts, thereby achieving the highest level of accuracy. The adjustable overtemperature safety shuts off power in the event of overheating. User-calibratable electronics eliminate the need for correction error logs.
Brinkmann -


With FASER Kits, the fluorescence intensity of cells labeled with virtually any FITC-, PE- or APC-conjugated antibody is easily amplified. Weak fluorescence signals, such as those that occur in staining for low expressed antigens, can be dramatically enhanced, and cell populations become easy to define. Amplification can be repeated as often as required. The kits are suitable for fresh or formaldehyde-fixed cells of any type and species in suspension. Analysis is performed by flow cytometry.
Miltenyi Biotec -

DNA synthesis.

Perfectprep BAC 96 generates high-quality vector DNA with minimal shearing or chromosomal DNA contaminations. Starting with pelleted bacteria, 96 samples can be processed in just 60 min and 192 samples in 75 min. As there is no need for precipitation or resuspensions of the purified DNA, the eluate can be used immediately, allowing rapid, same-day applications and analysis.
Brinkmann -

845ZPREPSample preparation.

The 845ZPREP System for liquid chromatography improves injection speed and carryover, and reduces maintenance issues from injection ports for semipreparative to preparative autopurification applications. The system’s Injection Module features a stainless steel, 2-position, 6-port valve with 0.040-in. (1.0-mm) port diameters to accommodate flow rates from 5 to 150 mL/min. The Injection Module aspirates the sample directly into the sample loop for faster injection cycling time while minimizing carryover. The 845ZPREP also uses a Low-Mount Fraction Collection Valve for separate injection and fraction collection fluid paths.
Gilson -

Neuropeptide antibodies.

Antibodies to the neuropeptides Rab3a, synaptosomal-associated protein of 25 kDa (SNAP25), synapsin, and synuclein are available. These antibodies complement other neuropeptide antibodies such as beta-amyloid, gamma-gamma enolase, neuron-specific enolase, glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), neurofilament, tangles, and PHF-tau.
Pierce Biotechnology/Endogen -

EasyLyse Bacterial Protein Extraction SolutionProtein purification.

EasyLyse Bacterial Protein Extraction Solution is designed to gently purify proteins, especially recombinant proteins expressed in E. coli, so that they retain more enzymatic activity. Formulated as a homogeneous reagent, EasyLyse is convenient for high-throughput applications. Simply combine the Enzyme Mix with the Lysis Buffer and add to cells for rapid, one-step lysis and removal of viscosity. EasyLyse contains a lytic enzyme with high specific activity, a nuclease to reduce viscosity, and a nondenaturing detergent.
Epicentre -

Cycloamylose refolding.

The Refolding CA Kit provides a two-step procedure that optimizes the refolding conditions of inclusion body proteins. This optimization results in a high refolding efficiency for restoration of protein activity. The kit is supplied with guanidine hydrochloride and DTT for protein unfolding, four different surfactants that can be added independently to the unfolded protein solution to provide protection against molecular aggregation, and highly polymerized cycloamylose for surfactant removal and recovery of protein activity. Reagents are provided for 25 refolding reactions (0.24 mg of protein per reaction).
Takara Mirus Bio -


Varia is designed for researchers involved in high-volume genetic analysis. Features include navigable displays of the complete human genome at the nucleotide scale, algorithms for identifying regions of autozygosity, automated tools for building haplotype maps and constructing pedigrees from genotype data, and linkage analysis tools for the assocation of variation-to-variation or variation-to-disease.
Silicon Genetics -

Labchip 3000 Drug Discovery SystemDiscovery system.

The LabChip 3000 Drug Discovery System is approximately one-third the size of a Caliper 250 system and more affordably priced. The LabChip 3000 runs assays that cover the most frequently screened target classes, including kinases, phosphatases, proteases, and GPCRs. Increasingly, such assays are being applied not only in primary screening but throughout the drug discovery process, including selectivity screening and generation of structure–activity relationships (SARs).
Caliper Life Sciences -

Certified ArrayScan PlatformPlatform.

The Certified ArrayScan Platform is equipped with an integrated solution featuring a preowned Certified ArrayScan HCS Reader equipped with a suite of BioApplications image analysis algorithms for comprehensive multiparametric assay capability. Rich cellular data is managed automatically by a complete range of HCS informatics tools. The Certified ArrayScan promotion is a low-cost solution for accessing high-content biology.
Cellomics -

Cytokine arrays.

The ProteoPlex 16-Well Human Cytokine Array Kit provides a complete solution for determining the levels of 12 cytokines from 10 sera or tissue culture supernatants simultaneously. Conventional cytokine measurements are based on single-analyte detection, requiring multiple kits and large sample volumes to test for multiple cytokines. In contrast, the ProteoPlex arrays require only 50 µL of the sample material to determine concentrations of 12 different cytokines.
EMD Biosciences - Novagen -