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October 2004 From Concept to Development
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Volume 7, Issue 10
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Product Info Now: October 2004

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Plate handler.

A plate handler has been integrated into the Opera high-throughput confocal screening system, permitting fully automated cell-based screening. The Opera provides a new level of confocal microplate imaging and serves an increasing demand in drug discovery and high-throughput biology. Combining the Opera and the automated plate handler enables the user to analyze up to 80 Micro titer plates in a fully automated, walk-away mode, managing plate densities from 96- to 2080-well format. Optional bar-code capabilities are provided in addition to date and time identification of individual plates.
Evotec Technologies -


The Nuclear Receptor product line is used to measure DNA binding activity using TransAM ELISAs, compare agonist/antagonist effects using Nuclear Receptor ELISAs, and perform traditional EMSAs with Gelshift Kits and Western blot using antibodies coupled with recombinant protein or cellular extract positive controls.
Active Motif -

Protein plate.

The ISOLUTE PPT+ Protein Precipitation Plate, used for removing unwanted plasma proteins from biological fluid samples prior to LC-MS/MS analysis, is now available. Designed to meet the needs of high-throughput bioanalytical laboratories, the plate offers solvent-first methodology, providing efficient protein precipitation without the traditional requirements of centrifugation and vortex mixing.
Argonaut Technologies -


Nautilus LIMS (laboratory information management system) incorporates a Web browser interface and XML (eXtensible Markup Language) processing capabilities. Nautilus offers an interface that graphically maps laboratory workflows in dynamic R&D labs, full functionality to track plate movement and genealogy, and standard integration functionality to import data without coding from a variety of analytical instruments.
Thermo Electron -


The Enchant Life Sciences Kit for Albumin Depletion and for IgG (immunoglobulin G) Purification removes abundant proteins from human and animal-derived serum or plasma samples, providing the critical first step in isolating new drug targets. Each all-in-one kit includes the protocol, purification columns, and necessary buffers in a complete package. The kits provide researchers with options for uncovering the small, low-abundant biomarkers that are driving breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.
Pall -


Mascot is a search engine that uses MS data to identify proteins from primary sequence databases, providing an integrated solution for the analysis and identification of proteins through mass spectrometry. The protein informatics range follows the researcher’s workflow, including experiment setup, 2D gel image analysis, and data-mining and MS-based protein identification. The central database integrates all data generated during this workflow and provides data-mining tools to identify trends, patterns, and outliers.
MatrixScience -


Diluent-filled syringes for Sandostatin LAR Depot are now available. Recently FDA-approved, the prefilled syringe eliminates a preparation step for drug administration. The diluent-filled syringes will be included in the Sandostatin LAR Depot product package and are available for doses of 10, 20, and 30 mg.
Novartis -


The Trilogy technology combines advances in nanofluidics, optical engineering, and labeling strategies with life science applications in research, drug discovery and development, and diagnostics. The first applications of this platform include direct detection and analysis of RNA, small RNAs (siRNA, miRNA, etc.), and protein molecules, as well as analyses of the molecules’ interactions.
U.S. Genomics -

Mutation mice.

COX Targeted Mutation Mice have disruptions of one of the two Ptgs (prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase) genes. In the COX-1 mouse model, the Ptgs1 gene is disrupted, resulting in an absence of the catalyst cylooxygenase-1. In contrast, the gene Ptgs2 is disrupted in the COX-2 mouse, resulting in an absence of cyclooxygenase-2. COX-1 Targeted Mutation Mice show no physical differences from wild-type mice.
Taconic -

Syringe filters.

A new line of syringe filters, offering larger-diameter membranes in a filter housing design, provides for easier filtration and an overall increase in sample throughput. Filtering is rapid, with lower backpressures. Syringe filters are nonsterile, available in a broad range of pore sizes and membrane types, and made with 17- or 30-mm membranes, which are suitable for use with samples of 1 mL or greater.
Phenomenex -

Ceramic pins.

NanoPins, a ceramic microarraying pin that improves spot uniformity and efficiency of sample utilization, shortens printing run times and eliminates preblotting with most print buffers. The capillary design reduces sample loss due to evaporation, and the chemically inert ceramic material has a longer lifetime than metal quill pins. Deposition volumes range from 30 to 80 pL, depending on the spotting buffer and slide chemistry used. The pins can be used for spotting proteins as well as DNA.
Matrix Technologies -


This 400-page product catalog describes the thousands of columns, sample preparation products, vials, and accessories manufactured and distributed for analytical, preparative, and life science applications. Charts, tables, and graphs assist readers in selecting columns and sample preparation products for specific applications.
Waters -


REVCO Ultima II and Elite II are engineered to provide an optimal, stable growing environment for cultures. These water-jacketed CO2 incubators incorporate an innovative Plug and Play routine for easy automated start-up. Models are available with chamber capa cities of 3.3 or 5.8 cu ft and thermal conductivity or infrared CO2 control. Both models are available in single and dual-stacked chamber configurations.
Kendro -

Western blot.

The Visualizer Western Blot Detection Kit provides fast and sensitive detection of antigens, a long-lasting signal, and a low background in a chemiluminescent reagent system. The combination of high sensitivity and low background is important for working with hard-to-detect proteins. The kits supply enough materials for 20 immunoblots, including an HRP-conjugated secondary antibody (rabbit or mouse). The kits are designed for ease of use, short exposure time, and reproducibility.
Upstate -


Digital Pulse shakers can be adapted for many types of vessels, and applications include cell culture, genetic research, cell aeration, bacterial aeration, and general mixing. The incubator performs high- or low-speed mixing for repeatable mixing results, offers a speed range from 100 to 1200 rpm, and maintains uniform temperatures from 15 to 60 °C.
Glas-Col -


The “Catalyst for Cross-Coupling Reactions” brochure highlights types of catalysts for cross-coupling reactions and screening capabilities, and includes a large range of new catalysts. Catalysts in small to medium quantities are offered for early-stage research and development.
Alfa Aesar -

Microplate stacker.

RapidStak, the new microplate stacker for Thermo’s Multidrop 384 Dispenser, Multidrop Micro Dispenser, and Wellwash AC Microplate Washer, offers increased productivity in high-throughput laboratories, dependable walk-away time, and a reliable and seamless upgrade solution, freeing up researchers’ valuable time.
Thermo Electron -