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Serving International Industry
November 2000
  Focus: Information Management
drug paperworkNew Standards Cut Drug Paperwork
FDA’s digital formats are saving precious time in the application process.
Iain S. Bruce
Enriching Nuclear Fuel Processors
Customized LIMS minimizes uranium inventory.
David M. Merrill

For Openers
Staying on Top
James F. Ryan
Feedback from our readers
News in brief: business, government, scitech, internet

chemical statisticsComputers in Chemistry
Statistics for Chemists
Several software packages with application-specific dialects are available.
Charles Seiter

Instruments & Applications
Expanded-Bed Adsorption
Sample clarification is a thing of the past.
Randall Willis

Regulations and You
Welcoming a Conformance Audit
With careful preparation, an official review can be a beneficial experience for both parties.
R. A. Kishore Nadkarni

The Chemist's Bookshelf
Life’s Matrix and Life’s Manuscript
Mark S. Lesney

Workplace Perspectives
Business Meeting Basics
Be prepared to participate and contribute in a positive way.
John K. Borchardt

Health Perspectives
Does Your Job Make You Sick?
a sick building
Indoor air-quality problems can cause chronic illness or even death.
Julie McDowell

Personal Business
“Hop To” These Year-End Tax Savers
Also: Creating a legacy through planned giving
Dickinson J. Miller

Product Information
New products, literature, Web sites
Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives...plus a cartoon.
Crossword Puzzle (PDF)- [Solution] (HTML)

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