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  January 2001
Focus: Pharmaceuticals
Weapons of Tumor Mass Destruction
Researchers are using catalytic antibodies to target and destroy cancers.
Nicole Johnston
Weapons of Tumor Mass Destruction
More than Just the Sugar in the Pill
Excipients are the chemicals that carry the medicine in powders, potions, pills, and poultices.
Mark S. Lesney
More than Just the Sugar in the Pill

For OpenersFor Openers
Dual Clouds
James F. Ryan

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The Chemist’s Bookshelf
Darwin’s Soup
Randall Willis

Computers in Chemistry
A Cautionary Tale
Like Microsoft and the Pentagon, your own small network is vulnerable to hackers.
John V. Hinshaw

Pursuing Purer WaterInstruments & Applications
Pursuing Purer Water
Microelectrophoresis helps optimize U.K. coagulation treatment.
Clare Butterfield

Industry Facts & Figures
Budgeting Innovation
R&D funding for general science in 2001 is slated for healthy hikes.
David Filmore

Regulations and You
Dursban and the Goblet of Risk
Dursban and the Goblet of Risk
A recent EPA agreement illustrates the Food Quality Protection Act’s application.
Roger A. Novak

Heavy Metal MedicineChemistry Chronicles
Heavy Metal Medicine
Metals and minerals have been used in pharmacology since the Renaissance.
Christopher S. W. Koehler

Health Perspectives
Hormone Replacement TherapyHormone Replacement Therapy
Part I: Postmenopausal women are asked to weigh the risks and benefits.
Randall Frost

Personal Business
How to Read an Annual Report
Before investing, learn what’s behind a company’s vital numbers.
Milton Zall

Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives...plus a cartoon.

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