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  February 2001
Focus: Separation Sciences
“Committeeing” to Calibrate HPLC
"Committeeing" to Calibrate HPLCA case history of one company’s effort to expedite regulatory compliance
Michael Dong, Roy Paul, and David Roos

GC in the Fast Lane
It’s a day at the races for Jedd Allebach and his gas chromatograph.
Elizabeth Zubritsky
Amino Acid Racemization
Amino Acid RacemizationMotion around a chiral center takes us from deep blue sea to deep dark space.
Ed Brignole and Julie McDowell
HPLC and the Ever Popular LC/MS
Bioanaytical applications continue to drive the market.
Britt E. Erickson
Pittcon 2001: The Voyage of Discovery
The 52nd Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition is coming to New Orleans.


For Openers
Opportunity: Answering the Knock

James F. Ryan

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business, government, science, honors

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The Chemist’s Bookshelf
Tour des Forces
Mark S. Lesney

Computers in Chemistry
E-Signs of the Times

Electronic signatures may change our methods of conducting business, but it will take time.
Hank Simon

Industry Facts & Figures
The Pharmaceutical Picture

A snapshot of a skyrocketing industry
David Filmore

Instruments & Applications
Fighting Crime with Specificity

Honing crime lab techniques to meet current forensic challenges.
David Filmore

Regulations and You
Monitoring Air Quality
A required reduction of "criteria pollutants" improves both human health and envirnmental.
Christopher D. Jones

Meetings, conferences, and short courses

Chemistry Chronicles
Capturing Nitrogen Out of the Air

Fritz Haber’s high-pressure process for combining nitrogen with hydrogen was a major milestone.
David M. Kiefer

Health Perspectives
Hormone Replacement Therapy

Part II: Men are also asked to weigh the risks and benefits.
Randall Frost

Personal Business
Are You Right on the Money to Retire?

Readiness surveys show many workers underestimate longevity.
Milton Zall

Workplace Perspectives
Set a Course for Practical Training
Many classes are offered to upgrade lab, clinical, or computing skills.
Daniel Coulter

Lighter Elements

Product Information

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