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  March 2001
Focus: Trace Metal Spectroscopy
Mercury RisingMercury Rising
Deforestation and gold mining in the Amazon basin cause the release of toxic metal.
Randall C. Willis

ACS National Meeting Sails into San DiegoACS National Meeting Sails into San Diego
The April gathering will feature a Presidential Event series on career development.
Precious ProvenancePrecious Provenance
Spectroscopy is key to tracing metals and mines in the judging of gemstones.
Mark S. Lesney

For OpenersFor Openers
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James F. Ryan

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Health Perspectives
Health PerspectivesA Collusion of Silence
Patients, families, and doctors are urged to face “the elephant in the room”.
Randall C. Willis

Computers in Chemistry
Computers in ChemistryA Data Mining Primer

The process builds abstract models to guide understanding of underlying trends.
Hank Simon

Instruments & Applications
A Spider’s Yarn

A Spider's Yarn
NMR reveals the silky protein’s hidden strengths.
David Bradley

Lighter Elements

Product Information

Personal Business
Last-Minute Tax Filing Tips
Don’t overlook deductions, but remember that the burden of proof is on you.
Milton Zall

Meetings, conferences, and short coursesRegulations and You

Regulations and You
Controlling Volatile Emissions
Different technologies help industry control air pollution.
Cullen T. Vogelson

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