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  May 2001
Focus: Gas Chromatography
GC–MS Drug Testers Face Olympian Challenge
Analytical chemists check athletes for more than 150 illegal substances.
John S. MacNeil

Catalysis: The Future of Fuel?
Modern transportation depends on catalyst technology, but can it carry new burdens?
Michael J. Felton

For Openers
Spy vs. Spy

James F. Ryan

News in brief:
business, government, scitech, internet, honors

Computers in Chemistry
Video Systems “Frame” Data on Drops

Technology facilitates surface measurements for new applications.
Charles Seiter

Instruments & Applications
Spectrometry Aids “New and Improved”

Detergent chemists analyze the difference in stain removers.
David Bradley

Crossword Puzzle (PDF)

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Personal Business
Battling the Bear's Bite
There are several sensible ways to protect your investment portfolio.
Milton Zall

Industry Facts and Figures
Monitoring Methods
Expanding options and streamlining choices for water quality analysis.
David Fillmore

Meetings, conferences, and short courses

Regulations and You
Genetically Modified Foods
The public controversy drives new regulations.
Helen Gillespie

Lighter Elements

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