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July 2001
Vol. 10, No. 07, p 67.
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refrigerated circulatorRefrigerated Circulator. The F12-MD has a temperature range from –20 °C to 100 °C and is designed for any internal and external cooling/heating application. This circulator quietly removes several hundred watts from your system and is suitable for continuous, unsupervised operation.
Julabo 230

Measurement Systems. Benchtop models 555A and 535A simultaneously gather multiple measurements from a single sample using one 12-mm electrode. The 555A system measures pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, and temperature. The Model 535A advanced benchtop meter measures pH, mV, ORP, and temperature.
ThermoOrion 231

Ion Chromatography System. Applications for this instrument include analytical chemistry and the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. The 811 Online IC System provides precise sample analysis in a continuous-flow mode. The design offers the choice between single or independent dual-channel systems.
Metrohm-Peak 232

Syringes. These precision sampling instruments come in a wide range of sizes and models for gas, liquid, or high-pressure sampling. The plunger tips are fabricated of PTFE, and the self-lubricating plunger tip stays smooth throughout the lifetime of the syringe. Each syringe barrel holds up to 100 µL and is hand-fabricated from high-quality borosilicate glass.
Valco Instruments 233

Analyzers. The Minicon TIR series provides automatic, accurate liquid analysis. Concentration ranges between 1 ppm and 20% can be specified. These analyzers avoid the need to use expensive toxic chemicals and the potential for false readings caused by solvent contamination.
Petrolab 234

AnalyzerAnalyzer. The SMART Therma-Dri System uses a combination of microwave and thermal contact heating. This microwave instrumentation system determines moisture in samples that previously could not be dried with microwave energy alone. This analyzer’s temperature control and Therma-Pad technologies ensure accurate, reproducible results for low-moisture samples containing free and bound water.
CEM 235

Data Management System. Sombrilla works on virtually any type or brand of instrument. This instrument and data management system unifies laboratory data storage and transfer using a common Web browser. The advanced-level Enabler component features technology that allows users to go beyond reporting and viewing to actually monitoring instruments and handling data-processing functions in a secure, Web-based environment.
PerkinElmer Instruments 236

Refractometer. The ARIAS 500 is designed to deliver repeatable results through automatic shadowline detection and interpretation. This refractometer automatically detects and interprets the shadowline with precision comparable to high-end automatic reflected light refractometers, eliminating variances caused by operator interpretation or unclear shadowlines.
Leica Microsystems 237

Software. The LabManager is a reengineered LIMS that offers navigation advances and greater flexibility, including the option to access the system from a Web browser or a client–server user interface. The system is a native Oracle 8 application providing complete sample, test, and data management on a Windows NT/2000 or HP9000 server.
Beckman Coulter 238

Evaporators. The SafetyVAP model line offers two basic units and two integrated vacuum controllers that allow up to six customized configurations to meet specific application requirements. From the economic R-200 for 50–3000-mL flasks to the top model R-205 Professional, users can determine the degree of sophistication and ease of use for rotary evaporation needs.
Brinkmann Instruments 239

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Catalog. The Phoenix line of circulators is featured in this publication. This family of instruments incorporates progressive construction with an intelligent control system for intuitive operation. The catalog also details the C/DC line of circulators.
Thermo Haake 240

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