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  July 2001
Focus: Sample Preparation

Sampling the winners circle
California’s Equine Analytical Chemistry Lab uses state-of-the-art LIMS in testing for drug abuse.
Helen Gillespie
ACS Fall Meeting Preview ACS Fall Meeting preview
“Technology Milestones” will celebrate 125 years of chemistry’s impact on modern life.

For Openers
For OpenersScientifically speaking, get real

James F. Ryan

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News in brief:
Business, government, scitech, Internet, honors

Computers in Chemistry
Computers in ChemistryA virtual trade show visit

Tips for getting the most out of conference Web sites
Keith S. Kleman

Instruments & Applications
HSCCC and natural food pigments

High-speed countercurrent chromatography solves an “absorbing” separation problem.
David Filmore

Workplace Perspectives
Workplace PerspectivesHow many hats can you wear?
Breadth of knowledge is increasingly important in today’s career market.
John K. Borchardt

The Chemist's Bookshelf
Blasting away
George B. Kauffman

Health Perspectives
Health PerspectivesDensities and mysteries
Beyond milk: How to optimize bone health and minimize osteoporosis risk
Linda Richards

Regulations and You
The apparent energy shortage
Alternative fuel technologies can be used successfully to avoid supply concerns.
Bradley D. Fahlman

Chemistry Chronicles
Chemistry ChroniclesThe long quest for diamond synthesis
For about 150 years scientists strived to create glittering gems; in the 1950s, they succeeded.
David M. Kiefer

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