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August 2001
Vol. 10, No. 08, p 53, 55.
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Coulometer. The Model 756 KF is designed for trace water analysis and guarantees precision down to the lower µg range. Results can be displayed onscreen, allowing the user to monitor the titration curve in “real time”. This unit provides programmable service and validation intervals as well as automated analysis to allow for on-line control of reagent consumption. This coulometer can transfer and reload results for methods via the RS-232 interface to a PC or LIMS.
Brinkmann Instruments 230

LC/MS. The LCMS-2010 instrument detects some compounds at femtogram levels, and provides high sensitivity in a single quadrupole LC/MS instrument. In addition, this mass detector features an innovative source design along with the Q-array multiple quadrupole ion optics, a new high-efficiency octapole system, and a new orthogonal interface for unmatched sensitivity and superior robustness. Additional sensitivity-enhancing features include a novel heated inlet for better desolvation along with operation up to 2 mL/min with high-water-content mobile phases.
Shimadzu 231

Software. The Nautilus 2001 delivers a complete suite of tools that enable customers to address 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in accordance with their specific laboratory working practices. The focus of the latest development has been to enable full electronic signature compliance, in addition to improving ease of use, configuration, and administration of access and functional security. These include direct support for electronic signature compliance by configurable features for electronically signing both static and dynamic data entities within Nautilus and the addition of enhanced password and login security.
Thermo LabSystems 232

Consumables Program. This product line will include shrink-wrap, netting, gaskets, washers, seals, caps, valves, regulators, and related hardware. This program complements the Analytical Systems Group products and offers supplies to the laboratory, medical, and specialty gas filling equipment industries.
GOW-MAC Instrument Co. 233



Testing Samples
TOC Talk supports laboratory compliance to the regulatory guidelines. This 21 CFR Part 11-compliant software package is in compliance with new federal regulations regarding electronic record keeping, a great concern in pharmaceutical laboratories. This package gives users administrative control of the analysis software, system security for TOC data, and comprehensive history files for auditing data.
Tekmar-Dohrmann 234

Columns. The XTerra lines of preparatory instruments are designed for scientists performing isolation and purification in discovery and development settings. With these columns, users can load up to 60 times more sample onto a column than traditional silica-based reversed phase columns and allow the screening and purification of compound libraries in half the time while maintaining a high level of resolution.
Waters 235

Testing Samples. The Enviro-PT Program is designed with the same guidelines used by the U.S. EPA criteria document for Water Pollution and Water Supply, in addition to DMRQA. The lab has up to 45 days to analyze the samples and return the results to the company. After the close of the study, a comprehensive data package is sent by mail, fax, or e-mail. These testing samples are manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines and triple-checked for quality.
SPEX CertiPrep 236

Software. The Scientific Data Management System 5.0 is a Web-enabled suite that is designed to electronically assist the laboratory environment in information collection, storage, and retrieval by automatically aggregating data from disparate sources, providing greater access and insight into critical knowledge generated in the laboratory. The 5.0 upgrade adds Web technology to the current SDMS, in addition to several other features that enable streamlined data management throughout the scientific enterprise.
NuGenesis 237

Software. The MICROLAB Vector program is designed for lab automation programming and integration. Protocols are created in a flexible Windows-based environment. With a combination of general program functions and instrument-specific commands, the user has extensive control over the protocol as well as specific parameters. In addition, Vector allows multiple instrument selection and integration in the same software environment. One protocol can be created to incorporate all selected instruments without additional software or complicated programming.
Hamilton Co. 238

Dispenser. This universal bottle top dispenser has an indestructible ceramic piston and a user-friendly reagent recirculation system. Due to the recirculation system, there is no loss of reagent and the micro-step volume adjustment is calibrated to last for the device’s lifetime. Each dispenser has an individual quality certificate and is conformity certified.
Hirschmann 239

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Appilcation Notes

Application Note.
“The Key to the Analysis of High Matrix Samples by ICP-MS” presents the benefits of using the ELAM 6100 system for multi-elemental determinations in high-matrix samples. This application note describes the design features of the ELAN 6100 that prevent instrument drift and explains a procedure that allows laboratories with high-matrix samples to benefit from the company’s SCIEX product. As illustrated, this system offers laboratories increased stability, even in the presence of high concentrations of matrix elements found in geochemical and environmental samples.
PerkinElmer Instruments 240

Catalog. “Tools for Scientists” is the company’s latest 2001 catalog. Three new temperature controllers are featured; one has Pt RTD sensing for control to 0.1 °C, and the second is a dual controller that permits running two independent reactions simultaneously. The third controller has variable voltage control for low-voltage heaters as well as on/off control for operating a Lab Jack or cooling system. Also featured are safety products such as protective shields, water shut-off systems that prevent lab floods, a liquid level sensor, and disposable glove bags.
Instruments for Research and Industry 241

Catalog. This complete offering of laboratory glassware includes detailed listings of products for both chemistry and life science researchers. Many new products are featured along with the full range of both chemistry and life sciences researchers. The readable format enables users to easily find what they are looking for, and a comprehensive technical section is included in the back of the catalog.
Kimble/Kontes 242

BrochureBrochure. Chrysalis Zero Air Generators are described in this 4-page color publication. Each generator produces zero grade air with less than 0.1 ppm total hydrocarbons. Two models are described: one offers output flow of up to 1000 cc per min and the other delivers up to 3500 cc per min. Output provisions allow connection to multiple GCs. Both models are ideal for use in gas chromatography, providing zero grade fuel air for flame ionization detectors (FID), flame photometric detectors (FPD), and nitrogen phosphorus detectors (NPD).
Matheson Tri-Gas 243

Catalog. This 132-page publication contains an extended range of innovative solutions for sample preparation, filtration, and flash chromatography problems in the pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic, and agrochemical industries. Some of the products featured include ISOLUTE SPE columns, 96-well SPE plates, bulk sorbents, and sample processing stations for SPE and filtration applications. Sections of the catalog address automation of SPE, custom manufacturing of SPE columns, MIP technology, and IST’s SPE method development advice service.
International Sorbent Technology 244

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