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  November 2001
Focus: Nanotechnology

Thinner, lighter, better, brighter
Organic light-emitting diodes may make cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal displays obsolete.
Michael J. Felton
Manipulating molecules
From sci-fi to sci-fact, nanotechnology accomplishes “very little” with ever increasing flair.
Hank Simon


For OpenersFor Openers

James F. Ryan

News in brief:
Business, government, scitech, honors

Computers in Chemistry
Chemical inventory tracking

Can’t find that reagent? More and more software packages and solutions are available to help.
Terrance A. Rooney

Instruments & Applications
Polar sunlight clears the air

Beyond the Arctic Circle, experiments illuminate a key mechanism in ground-level atmospheric ozone breakdown.
William Illsey Atkinson

Product Information

Workplace Perspectives
Don't lose your listeners
Follow these 10 tips to make your oral presentations more effective.
John K. Borchardt

Industry Facts & Figures
Early-stage “nanobusiness”
As public dollars are pumped into nanotech research, an element of industry emerges.
David Filmore

Regulations and You
The long arm of the lab laws
Committing fraud in a chemical laboratory can be hazardous to your freedom.
Roger A. Novak

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Lighter Elements


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