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Serving International Industry
  December 2001
Focus: Process Development

Tapping chemistry: The brewer's art
Before a pint can be enjoyed, an intricate array of chemical processes must be expertly executed.
David Filmore
Candy's a dandy process industry
Steam heat, sugar beets, and acids are keys to today’s $24 billion enterprise.
Felicia M. Willis and Julie L. McDowell
The 2001 Reader's Choice Awards
Industrial chemists name the companies that serve them best.


For OpenersFor Openers
Annual report

James F. Ryan

News in brief:
Business, government, scitech, honors

Instruments & Applications
Measuring perchlorates in biota

To detect contamination in the environment, chromatographers are going back to basics.
Bob Lieckfield, Mike Wantland, and Sharon Johnson

Workplace Perspectives
Summer interns can surge into chemistry careers
Hiring students can benefit your lab as well as their futures.
John K. Borchardt

Product Information

Health Perspectives
Three not-so-weighty tomes
The new year can bring new insights with a little light and healthy reading.
Alexander Kim, Julie L. McDowell, and Randall C. Willis

Personal Business
To sell or not to sell
That is the perpetually vexing question for investors in stock.
Milton Zall

Chemistry Chronicles
Brewing: A legacy of ancient times
Modern technology has greatly enhanced an age-old craft.
David M. Kiefer


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