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January 2002
Focus: Pharmaceuticals

Concocting combinatorials: Chemistry in drug development
Biology takes a back seat once the business of organic synthesis begins.
Mark S. Lesney
Clinical atomic spectroscopy
Determining the link between trace metals and human disease
Robert J. Thomas
For OpenersFor Openers
Harry and Oliver

James F. Ryan

News in brief:
SciTECH Briefs, Business Bits

Computers in Chemistry
LIMS in the academic world

This valuable research tool flourishes in the commercial sector, yet in the academic sector it sits untapped.
Douglas Perry

Instruments & Applications
Drugmakers come into the cold

Temperature-modulated differential scanning calorimetry optimizes freeze-drying in drug formulation and preparation.
Leonard C. Thomas, Roger L. Blaine, and George Dallas

Product Information

Regulations and You
Cutting Chemical Hazards
The FQPA attempts to safeguard both workers and consumers from excessive pesticide exposure.
Helen Gillespie

Chemistry Chronicles
It was all about alkali
The world’s industrial chemical enterprise developed from the Leblanc process.
David M. Kiefer


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