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February 2002
Focus: Separation Science

The solid-phase attraction
For an increasing array of applications, researchers find SPE both adjunct and alternative to LLC.
Mark S. Lesney and Cullen T. Vogelson
Historica chromatographica
A timeline tracing the classic foundation of modern chemistry
Randall C. Willis
Capillary electrophoresis: Finding a niche
Where HPLC struggles, CE thrives.
Laura DeFrancesco

For OpenersFor Openers
Heritage Award No. 1

James F. Ryan

This valuable research tool flourishes in the commercial sector, yet in the academic sector it sits untapped.

SciTECH Briefs, Business Bits

The knead for speedComputers in Chemistry
The knead for speed

Design of experiments shows how to avoid failures in machine-made bread.
Mark J. Anderson

The Chemist's Bookshelf
Contributing Chemists

Felicia WillisSmoking out the past

Instruments & Applications
Smoking out the past

Anthropology uses GC-MS to determine the botanical origins of residue in ancient clay pipes from Chile.
Hampton H. Hairfield, Jr., and Elizabeth M. Hairfield

Product Information

Make your resume a triple threatWorkplace Perspectives
Make your résumé a triple threat
When “battling” for a job, you need more than one basic weapon.
John K. Borchardt

Obesity examinedHealth Perspectives
Obesity examined
Eating right is only one step in controlling America’s weight epidemic.
Julie L. McDowell

Industry Facts & Figures
R&D budget: A chemist's view
Federal agencies that support the chemical sciences see boosts across the board.
David Filmore

Too much stock in one basket?Personal Business
Too much stock in one basket?
Also: Creative use of stock options
Milton Zall

Regulations and You
Supercritical fluid technology
Expanded applications are making SCFs the green solvent of the 21st century.
Bradley D. Fahlman

Chemistry Chronicles
Soda ash, Solvay style
Soda ash, Solvay style
Introduced in the 1860s, the Solvay process for making soda ash made Leblanc’s technology obsolete.
David M. Kiefer

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Lighter Elements

Pittcon 2002

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