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March 2002
Focus: Inorganic Spectroscopy

Analyzing artistry
Spectroscopy is indispensable in examining the provenance of artifacts and paintings.
Mark S. Lesney
Spectroscopy for safer skies
Chemical-specific detection techniques are being applied to explosives screening at airports.
David Filmore

For Openers
Light and matter
James F. Ryan

SciTECH Briefs, Business Bits

Instruments & Applications
Between fire and iceBetween fire and ice
New technologies improve thermal transfer in jacketed reactors.
Kenneth W. Gregson

Industry Facts & Figures
Mercury mapped
Accumulation of the toxic metal in aquatic ecosystems is still a major concern.
David Filmore

Florida to host ACS in AprilDatebook
Florida to host ACS in April
National Meeting in Orlando will feature energy and diversity themes.

Health Perspectives
Focusing on hyperactivity
New diagnostic tools may show us that there is more to ADHD than meets the eye.
Susan Grammer

Personal BusinessPersonal Business
IRS clarifies residence sales
The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is finally implemented.
Milton Zall

Chemistry Chronicles
Purity by the ounce
J. T. Baker’s dissatisfaction with flawed research material refined the chemical industry.
Joan Moynihan

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