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May 2002
Focus: Gas Chromatography

GC Is in the Chips
The marriage of lab instruments and microengineering may transform the way we do analysis.
Michael J. Felton
Ceramics: Beyond the Coffee Mug
These materials also carry electricity, relay phone conversations, and monitor auto exhaust fumes.
Nancy K. McGuire

For Openers
Onward and Downward
James F. Ryan

SciTECH Briefs and Business Bits

Instruments & Applications
Tracking Cocaine to Its Roots
MS analysis of drug samples can lead the law to the growers’ soil.
David Bradley

WTQA Symposium Slated in D.C. Area
The annual meeting will focus on “Sound Science Through Effective Project Planning”.

Product Information
New products, literature, and websites

Workplace Perspectives
Project Management for Teams
Chemists who can get people to “pull together” are in demand.
John K. Borchardt

Industry Facts & Figures
From Glassware to GCs
Sales for the laboratory products industry are growing at a steady pace.
David Filmore

Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers and other sources...plus a cartoon.

Crossword Puzzle
Days in May & Solution
Randall Frey

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