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July 2002
Focus: Environmental Analysis

Eye in the Sky (230 KB PDF)
Recent and future NASA missions seek to understand more about the earth’s complex global climate.
Michael J. Felton
It’s Not eV Being Green? (220 KB PDF)
In fact, electrochemistry does make it easier to treat environmental problems, from wastewater cleanup to computer recycling.
Mark S. Lesney

For Openers
The Nixon Legacy
(170 KB PDF)
James F. Ryan

Update (146 KB PDF)
SciTECH Briefs and Business Bits

Computers in Chemistry
Back to the Future?
(145 KB PDF)
UNIX is three decades old, yet it is part of the newest operating systems like Linux and Apple’s OS X.
Michael J. Felton

Instruments & Applications
When Size Matters
(145 KB PDF)
Researchers are using field flow fractionation to determine the size of everything from colloids to polymers to human cells.
Randall C. Willis

Product Information (165 KB PDF)
New products, literature, and websites

It’s Beantown for the ACS Next Month
(190 KB PDF)

Regulations and You
Moving Toward Green Chemistry
(148 KB PDF)
Stricter government rules are taking the carrot-and-stick approach to compliance.
John K. Borchardt

Lighter Elements (55 KB PDF)
Humorous tales from readers and other sources . . . plus a cartoon.

Crossword Puzzle
An X File
(46 KB PDF)
Randall Frey

Crossword Puzzle Solution

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