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February 2003
Focus: Separation Sciences  
Gets an A-Plus in Drugmaking

CE Gets an A-Plus in Drugmaking (168 KB PDF)
Rivaling HPLC, capillary electrophoresis is fast becoming the tool of choice in pharmaceutical development and processing.
Randall C. Willis

the Issue

Forcing the Issue (136 KB PDF)
Sometimes the “brute force” of centrifugation can provide the subtlest analysis of molecular properties and interactions.
Mark S. Lesney



For Openers
Icons at Pittcon
(41 KB PDF)
James F. Ryan

Letters (91 KB PDF)
Feedback from our readers

Update (69 KB PDF)
SciTECH Briefs and Science Bits

Computing and Chemistry
Putting the Pictures Together
(81 KB PDF)
Machine vision software organizes a collage of analytical images into a chemical portrait.
Peter J. Todd and T. Gregory Schaaff

Electronic MSDS ArchivesRegulations and You
Electronic MSDS Archives (63 KB PDF)
They’re not just for regulatory compliance anymore; integrated chemical management systems are good for the bottom line, too.
Mark Wysong

Instruments & Applications
Not Just Another Pretty Picture
(106 KB PDF)
Chemical imaging technologies provide a new outlook in applications ranging from polymers to semiconductors to pharmaceuticals.
David Filmore

Back to Disneytown (92 KB PDF)
In Orlando, Pittcon 2003 is “Bringing Together Elements”

The Business Page (51 KB PDF)
Executive Interview and Business Bits
Bill Kroll, President and CEO, Matheson Tri-Gas

Food Pyramid PerilsHealth Perspectives
Food Pyramid Perils (112 KB PDF)
Originally meant to keep Americans healthy, the USDA’s nutrition guide is now controversial.
Keely Savoie

Workplace Perspectives
Is Your Company Supportive? (68 KB PDF)
Both employees and employers can benefit from flexibility on work–life issues.
Linda Richards

Personal Business
Long-Term Care Insurance
(73 KB PDF)
Buying a policy could prevent the loss of virtually all your savings.
Milton Zall

Developing the UltracentrifugeChemistry Chronicles
Developing the Ultracentrifuge (67 KB PDF)
Throughout the 20th century, a succession of researchers contributed to the gravity of the situation.
Christopher S. W. Koehler

The Chemist's Bookshelf (56 KB PDF)
Partitioning is Such Sweet Science . . .
Mark S. Lesney

Crossword Puzzle (36 KB PDF)
Randall Frey

Crossword Solution (html)

Product Information (91 KB PDF)
New products, literature, and websites

Lighter Elements (49 KB PDF)
Humorous tales from readers and other sources . . . plus a cartoon.

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