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  Focus: Mass Spectrometry May 2003
  Positive Feelings About the Negative Mode   Positive Feelings About the Negative Mode (201 KB PDF)
Advanced LC-MS techniques close the productivity gap in pharmaceutical R&D.
Bob Classon and Peter Ratsep
  Interacting with the Proteome  

Interacting with the Proteome (123 KB PDF)
Researchers are using MS to study proteins and how they interact with their environment.
Randall C. Willis



For Openers
MS: Same Old, Same New
(37 KB PDF)
James F. Ryan

Update (84 KB PDF)
SciTECH Briefs and Science Bits

The Proof Is in the ProcessComputing and Chemistry
The Proof Is in the Process
(70 KB PDF)
How effective planning, controls, and software standardization helped a polyacrylamides plant increase quality and capacity.
John P. Ward

Instruments & Applications
Just Add Water
(65 KB PDF)
Recent developments in ion chromatography instrumentation replace the art of the reagent bottle with the science of electrochemistry.
Jeffrey S. Rohrer

The Business Page
Industry Facts & Figures
(61 KB PDF)
GC: Mature and moving forward
David Filmore


Personal Business
The Graduate: What Lies Ahead
(56 KB PDF)
Most newly minted college alumni face a host of questions and decisions.
Milton Zall

Edison’s EarsChemistry Chronicles
Edison’s Ears
(73 KB PDF)
“The ‘Chemist’ of Menlo Park” may have gone deaf as a result of his youthful experiments.
Mark S. Lesney

Mass Spec in Montreal
(67 KB PDF)
The American Society for Mass Spectrometry will hold its 51st annual conference in June.

Crossword Puzzle
Yes, No, May Be So
(37 KB PDF)
Mark S. Lesney

Crossword Solution (html)

Product Information (128 KB PDF)
New products, literature, and websites.

Lighter Elements (65 KB PDF)
Humorous tales from readers and other sources . . . plus a cartoon.

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