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  Focus: Materials Science November 2003
  Spectroscopy Down on the Farm  

The Architecture of the Very Small (210 KB PDF)
For nanostructured solids, it’s not just the chemistry, it’s the way they’re put together.
Nancy K. McGuire

  A Study in Infrared  

Combicat Can (147 KB PDF)
Catalyst makers are looking to larger throughputs.
David Filmore

  A Study in Infrared  

MS and Microbiology (278 KB PDF)
Modifications of the MALDI-TOF method are allowing researchers to perform intact-cell analysis.
Catherine C. Fenselau and Kathryn Jackson


For Openers
(41 KB PDF)
James F. Ryan

Letters (43 KB PDF)
Feedback from our readers

Update (120 KB PDF)
SciTECH Briefs and Science Bits

The PDA Gets and UpgradeComputing and Chemistry
The PDA Gets an Upgrade
(68 KB PDF)
Reactions in the palm of your hand.
Kimberly S. Cleaves

Health Perspectives
When Peanuts are Poison
(72 KB PDF)
With one of the most dangerous food allergies, many people live in constant fear of accidental ingestion.
Julie McDowell

Instruments & Applications
Monitoring the Mercury Menace
(66 KB PDF)
Whether analyzing water in the lab or natural gas on-line, ppt sensitivity is key.
Peter Stockwell

The Business Page
Industry Facts & Figures
(49 KB PDF)
Chemical vapor deposition may transform material science with artificial diamond technology.
Mark S. Lesney

Keeping a BalanceTechnology & Tools
Keeping a Balance
(70 KB PDF)
These instruments have come a long “weigh”, but even with electronics, calibration is key.
Mark S. Lesney


Prose and Cons 2Workplace Perspectives
Prose and Cons II
(62 KB PDF)
Four chemists continue a roundtable on research reporting in an industrial setting.

Personal Business
Family Matters
(60 KB PDF)
For both employers and employees, the good intentions of FMLA may lead to pitfalls.
Milton Zall

The Atom ManChemistry Chronicles
The Atom Man
(63 KB PDF)
John Dalton led modern chemistry down the atomic road.
Christopher S. W. Koehler

A Profusion of ProSpectives
(49 KB PDF)

The Chemist's Bookshelf
The Center Does Hold
(51 KB PDF)
Mark S. Lesney

Crossword Puzzle
Science Exam II
(37 KB PDF)
Marge Deibel

Crossword Solution (html)

Product Information (html)
New products, literature, and websites.

Lighter Elements (61 KB PDF)
Humorous tales from readers and other sources . . . plus a cartoon.

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