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  Focus: Pharmaceuticals July 2004
Nature’s Pharmaceuticals   Nature’s Pharmaceuticals (188 KB PDF)
Natural products from plants remain at the core of modern medicinal chemistry.
Mark S. Lesney
The Little Fly that Could   The Little Fly that Could (116 KB PDF)
The genetics of fruit flies is leading the way to drug discovery.
John F. Baines and Michael J. Felton

Update (112 KB PDF)
Research News and Science Bits

Systems & Data Handling
When Is a LIMS a Pharma LIMS?
(60 KB PDF)
Generic LIMS rely on too much customization to meet the needs of today’s pharmaceutical research environment.
Joe Peden


Instruments & Applications
Altering the Calcium Landscape
(84 KB PDF)
Changes in calcium carbonate production methods are making everything old, new again.
Michael Tarquini


Business Matters (56 KB PDF)
Marketplace, Deals, and People


Philadelphia Freedom
(292 KB PDF)
The semiannual ACS national meeting lands in the City of Brotherly Love

General Interest  

For Openers
True Believers
(32 KB PDF)
James F. Ryan

Chemist's Bookshelf
A Social History of Medicines in the Twentieth Century
(52 KB PDF)
[Buy from Amazon.com]
Reviewed by Randall C. Willis


Crossword Puzzle
(24 KB PDF) || Solution (html)
Marge Deibel

Lighter Elements (68 KB PDF)
Humorous tales from readers and other sources . . . plus a cartoon.


Product Review
Biochips Go High-Tech
(96 KB PDF)
Protein biochip systems automate protein identification, quantification, and studies.
Linda Sage

Product Profile
UV Detectors
(76 KB PDF)
Felicia M. Willis and Michael J. Felton


Product Information (html)
New products, literature, and websites.

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