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  Focus: Spectroscopy October 2004
Spirit and Opportunity: Mössbauer on Mars   Spirit and Opportunity: Mössbauer on Mars (240 KB PDF)
The Red Planet rovers are the ultimate spectroscopic field instruments.
Michael J. Felton
IR Spectroscopy in Clinical and Diagnostic Applications   IR Spectroscopy in Clinical and Diagnostic Applications (176 KB PDF)
Infrared spectroscopy’s sensitivity to molecular structure and interactions provides a “molecular fingerprint.”
Janie Dubois and R. Anthony Shaw

Update (72 KB PDF)
Research News and Science Bits

Instruments & Applications
Forensic Mass Spectrometry
(60 KB PDF)
MS allows law enforcement to detect the least of the lingering traces of crime.
Mark S. Lesney


Technology & Tools
Carbon Dioxide Chromatography
(56 KB PDF)
The role of SFC in pharmaceutical discovery.
Lester Dolak


Workplace Perspectives
Getting the Job
(60 KB PDF)
Employment candidates can avoid common interviewing pitfalls.
John K. Borchardt



General Interest  

For Openers
Space and Body Spectra
(36 KB PDF)
James F. Ryan

Chemistry Chronicles
Joseph Priestley: A Life
(64 KB PDF)
The discoverer of oxygen got the theory wrong but contributed much to science and modern life.
Richard A. Pizzi

Chemist's Bookshelf (52 KB PDF)
The Scientists
Reviewed by Mark S. Lesney


Health Perspectives
Lightening the Winter Blues
(68 KB PDF)
Seasonal affective disorder is increasingly being treated with phototherapy.
Mary Ann Ryan

Crossword Puzzle
Name That Scientist
(24 KB PDF) || Solution (html)
Marge Deibel

Lighter Elements (56 KB PDF)
Humorous tales from readers and other sources . . . plus a cartoon.


Product Profile
Baths and Circulators
(68 KB PDF)
Michael J. Felton


Product Information (html)
New products, literature, and websites.

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